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Equipment Description; Safety Information; Operating Instructions - AEG DDLE Basis 11 Operating And Installation Instructions

Electronically controlled instantaneous water heater
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For users and contractors
Thank you for purchasing this instantaneous water heater from AEG Haustechnik. You have chosen a
high-grade device made in Germany.
Even during the development and manufacture, AEG Haustechnik recognises the high value of manufacturing
processes that are environmentally responsible and treat resources with care. Thanks to many product
innovations, devices made by AEG Haustechnik are amongst the most energy-efficient in their class.

Operating instructions


Equipment description

The instantaneous water heater DDLE Basis heats water as it flows through the equipment. You can adjust
the DHW outlet temperature anywhere between approx. 30 °C and approx. 60 °C via a temperature selector.
From a flow rate of approx. 3 l/min onwards, the control regulates the correct heating output, subject to the
temperature selection and the cold water temperature.
Vital facts in brief
Should the outlet temperature fail to reach the required level, when the tap is fully opened, and the
temperature selector has been set to maximum (temperature selector turned fully clockwise), then more water
flows through the equipment than can be heated by the internal heater cartridge (output limit 11;13,5; 18;
21; 24 or 27 kW). In such cases, reduce the flow rate at the tap accordingly.
A contractor can set the temperature limit to 43 °C at the device. You can still adjust the temperature selector
across its entire range. The outlet temperature will be permanently limited to 43 °C.
A temperature range 30 °C to 43 °C can be selected.

Safety information

Where children or persons with limited physical, sensory or mental capabilities are to be allowed to control
this equipment ensure that this will only happen under supervision or after appropriate instructions by a
person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the
equipment - risk of scalding.
Important information
1. Remove fuses or trip the appropriate MCBs.
2. Open a tap downstream of the equipment long enough, until all air has been vented from the equipment
and its cold water supply pipe.
3. Replace the fuses or reset the relevant MCBs.
Turning the selector lets you freely choose the required temperature.
Wash basin ( 35 °C )
Shower ( 40 °C)
Bath ( 45 °C )
Sink ( 55 °C )

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Table of Contents

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