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Ultra high performance subwoofer
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Install the ASX powered subwoofer in a well ventilated place, where it will not be
directly exposed to high temperature or humidity.
Do not install the system in a location that is exposed to direct rays of the sun, or
near to hot appliances or radiators. Excessive heat can adversely affect the
operation and internal components.
Do not install the system in areas likely to be affected by dripping or splashing
liquids such as on floors likely to be washed with water or other liquids, in bar areas,
in food or drink preparation areas, in dish-washing areas etc
Do not install the ASX in dusty areas where its integral ventilation system – under
the front grille - may become blocked
Safety Rules
The ASX must be powered exclusively by an earth connected mains circuit in
electrical networks compliant to the IEC 364 or similar rules. It is absolutely vital that
the installer verifies this fundamental safety requirement. If you are in any doubt, get
the installation checked by qualified personnel before use. This apparatus must be
We strongly recommend that you power the ASX by a mains supply with an easily
accessible on/off switch.
Before powering the ASX, via the Neutrik "Powercon" 20A connector, make sure
that the unit is supplied with the correct mains operating voltage:
100 - 240V ~ 50 - 60Hz
Martin Audio recommends the following mains supply current capability per ASX:
Mains voltage
The ASX power section is protected by a F15A L type fuse – see caution below
Do not spill water or other liquids into or on the unit
Do not use this unit if the electrical power cord is frayed or broken
Do not remove the cover. Removing the cover will expose you to potentially
dangerous voltage
Do not place flame sources such like lighted candles on the ASX subwoofer
Do not place drinks on the ASX subwoofer
Do not place vessels containing liquids (e.g. flower vases) on the ASX subwoofer
To prevent electric shock or fire
Do not expose the ASX powered subwoofer to rain or moisture
Do not expose the system to dripping or splashing liquids and no objects filled with
liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on or near the system
Do not cover the grille – blocking the integral ventilation - with items such as
drapes, tarpaulins etc
Operational caution
Be aware that, although the ASX's internal time shaped limiters control excessive power and
reduce clipping distortion, driving the system hard into limiting for extended periods of time
may blow the power supply fuse.
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Current reserve
5A rms
10A rms
12A rms

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents