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System set-up with MA Control Manager

MA Control Manager software (v2.2.22 or later) is available from your Martin Audio User
Guides CD or from the Downloads section of
Please refer to the MA Control Manager/RS485 users' guide (January 2009) to familiarise
yourself with MA Control Manager.
Ensure that you have set the ASX rear panel address switches (section 3) to a
suitable 2-digit address – i.e. one that is not used by any other device on the
RS485 daisy-chain address 01 shown
Ensure that the end of your RS485 daisy-chain is terminated correctly (usually
with a 120 ohm resistor) to avoid potential data corruption
It is best to mute any audio signal to the ASX during the set-up
Apply power to the ASX and wait a moment for the rear panel Ready led to
come on
Connecting the RS485 cable "live" may cause low level clicks to be heard from
the ASX. This is quite normal
Boot up the MA Control Manager software and press the Find amplifiers button
in the bottom left of the window.
You will get the following message, click on yes
The software will automatically detect all amplifiers on the RS485 network.
Ensure that all the ASX and Martin Audio K-Series amplifiers have been found
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents