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Ultra high performance subwoofer
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Planar arrays for mega clubs
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Horizontal planar arrays of ASX pairs give very smooth coverage, especially where ASX-to-
ASX gaps can be minimised.
For the ultimate high power coverage consistency, ensure that the gaps are no larger than
shown below for various ASX operating bandwidths.
Smooth coverage range

System time/phase alignment

ASX systems should be placed with the subwoofer and main sound system grilles vertically
aligned wherever possible.
ASX grilles and main system grilles should be closely aligned so that they are at equal
distances from a central audience area – preferably a well positioned mix or reference
position. If systems need to be physically misaligned for structural reasons, extra delay may
be employed to compensate for the differing arrival times.
Note that electronic delay can only compensate for physical misalignment with reference to
a specific listening area - usually a listening reference point eg the mix position. In the
following example, aligning for maximum impact at the mix position will compromise
bleacher impact and vice versa.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents