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Ultra high performance subwoofer
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The switch mode power supply, with Power Factor Correction for worldwide operation, has
very high voltage rails which can also provide high levels of current into the very low
impedance of the 21" (530mm) drive unit. The DSP system is programmed with a number of
parameters which represent the model of the ideal "target" loudspeaker. The actual audio
input signal is then processed, so that the real loudspeaker emulates this ideal target at all
power levels.
A differential pressure sensor is mounted close to the transducer and is part of a feedback
loop which generates an error signal feeding the DSP system to compensate for the non
linearity's of the acoustical load and of the transducer.
Firmware upgrades and DSP programming are performed using a PC via a single RS485
port on the rear of the enclosure. Martin Audio Control Manager software is available to
configure the onboard DSP to provide system delay, EQ and filtering and level limiting.
Feature summary
Hybrid® horn/reflex loaded installation subwoofer
152dB max measured output at 1m in half space.
(See important cautions regarding minimum audience distance – section 4)
Almost non-existent power compression
IPAL 21" ultra low impedance driver
High efficiency class D amplifier
DSP control
Virtual transducer parameters
DPC® pressure sense
Zero latency DSP feedback loop
Compatible with Martin Audio Control Manager software
International Patents
US 6,281,767 B1
All material © 2009. Martin Audio Ltd. PRELIMINARY

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents