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Ultra high performance subwoofer
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Don't be alarmed by the 'system EQ'! The ASX uses a servo assisted current drive system
that results in an almost flat current response but a varying voltage response. The 'system
EQ' makes the voltage response and resulting acoustical response flat. The 'system EQ'
does not, therefore, limit voltage head room.
Now that the system has been made flat, any additional filters will give the correct output.
In the case below this is an exact 120Hz 24dB\Oct Linkwitz Riley Low pass.
To change the low pass to the correct point for your system, enter a new value in the Freq
Hz box, use the drop down menus to change slope and filter type. In addition PEQ's can be
entered. Click on a line in the Filters/Eqs menu and it will highlight. Enter additional filter
values or PEQ values. Below shows a LR 24 lowpass at 80 Hz, with a PEQ peak at 35 Hz,
this would be a typical setting.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents