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Ultra high performance subwoofer
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Double-click on the appropriate ASX title (either in the Network or in the Status
column) – highlighted in blue in the above illustration – to open a detailed control
window for the selected ASX
Click on the Load button in the PRESET area and browse to select the
appropriate preset for your ASX/main system combination.
A variety of ASX presets are available from your Martin Audio User Guides CD or from the
Downloads section of These can be copied and pasted to a suitable
place on your pc if you are a regular system installer. Most system can be set up using the
default preset (pre loaded) and simply setting the crossover point and any bass boost/cut.
Advanced Software Tools
The ASX contains a full DSP system. In the ASX control window you can set internal gain,
polarity and delay by entering the required values. PEQ filters and crossover points can also
be set but this requires a password since the EQ contain vital 'system EQ' see below for
explanation. To set filters and crossover points double click on the panel arrowed below.
You will see the filter window below. The yellow line shows the 'system EQ' and any high
pass / low pass / PEQ filters that are added. Below are the factory settings.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents