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Ultra high performance subwoofer
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System placement

Horizontal orientation
ASX horns flare from the badge end to allow ASXs to be paired to create one large bass
Horn flares this way >
Basic stereo placement
The horn flare asymmetry is usually insignificant when ASXs are used as single units well
away from boundaries. However, purists may wish to place stereo subs in mirror image to
ensure L-R symmetry.
Horn flares this way >
< Horn flares this way
Side wall effects
ASXs will act like one double-sized horn if placed near solid side walls.
ASX near left wall
ASX near right wall
Do not rely on this effect unless the walls are very rigid. Thin/flexible partition walls will
resonate resulting in low frequency colouration and, possibly, significant absorption at some
Multiple ASX coupling
ASXs may be symmetrically coupled by placing them badge-to-badge.
< Wide combined horn flare >
High power Left-Centre-Right system
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents