Martin Audio ASX User Manual
Martin Audio ASX User Manual

Martin Audio ASX User Manual

Ultra high performance subwoofer
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Unpacking & handling Electrical safety Rear connector panels Acoustical safety Introduction Specifications & dimensions System set-up with MA Control Manager System placement System time/phase alignment 10 Warranties All material © 2009. Martin Audio Ltd. PRELIMINARY...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    All material © 2009. Martin Audio Ltd. PRELIMINARY...
  • Page 4: Unpacking & Handling

    The ASX subwoofer is delivered on wheels to ease delivery to site. Pocket handles are provided for manoeuvring and final positioning. We recommend removing the wheels and storing them in a safe place, once the ASX is installed. This will save installation space and prevent rattling.
  • Page 5: Electrical Safety

    Standard EN 60065. Caution To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove the cover. There are no user-serviceable parts inside the unit. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Call Martin Audio Limited on +44 (0)1494 535312 or email for service advice.
  • Page 6 100vac 12A rms The ASX power section is protected by a F15A L type fuse – see caution below Do not spill water or other liquids into or on the unit Do not use this unit if the electrical power cord is frayed or broken Do not remove the cover.
  • Page 7: Rear Connector Panels

    Rear connector panels Mains inlet The ASX mains inlet at the rear is a 20A Neutrik Powercon® chassis socket. A matching 20A Neutrik Powercon® NAC3FCA 3-pole cable plug is provided with the ASX subwoofer for connection to the mains supply by a suitably qualified person. This apparatus must be earthed.
  • Page 8 The system is in power-saving mode – no input detected for approx. 1min TEMP The system is running too hot and has reduced level to lower temperature READY The system is powered and ready for use Mains power is present All material © 2009. Martin Audio Ltd. PRELIMINARY...
  • Page 9: Acoustical Safety

    Please be aware that the ASX ultra high performance active subwoofer has been designed for use in large scale installations. The ASX is capable of producing a sound pressure level of 152dB at 1m from its grille when driven to full power.
  • Page 10: Introduction

    – achieving the highest ever SPL from a single low frequency enclosure housing a single drive unit. At the heart of the ASX is a unique, patented* 21" (530mm) transducer/Class D amplifier/DSP combination which provide double the output capability of a conventionally driven loudspeaker driver of the same size.
  • Page 11 Amplification and DSP The efficient Class D amplifier topology in the ASX is capable of delivering a peak power of 8.5kW and dramatically reduces the amount of energy dissipated as heat, as well as being much smaller and lighter than other amplifier topologies.
  • Page 12 Firmware upgrades and DSP programming are performed using a PC via a single RS485 port on the rear of the enclosure. Martin Audio Control Manager software is available to configure the onboard DSP to provide system delay, EQ and filtering and level limiting.
  • Page 13: Specifications & Dimensions

    (W) 1328mm x (H) 600mm x (D) 1200mm (INC. WHEELS) (W) 52.28ins x (H) 23.62ins x (D) 47.24ins WEIGHT 160kg (353lbs) Notes: 1. Measured in half-space 2. Measured in half-space at 1 metre with band-limited pink noise All material © 2009. Martin Audio Ltd. PRELIMINARY...
  • Page 14 Dimensions All material © 2009. Martin Audio Ltd. PRELIMINARY...
  • Page 15: System Set-Up With Ma Control Manager

    120 ohm resistor) to avoid potential data corruption It is best to mute any audio signal to the ASX during the set-up Apply power to the ASX and wait a moment for the rear panel Ready led to come on Connecting the RS485 cable “live”...
  • Page 16 Click on the Load button in the PRESET area and browse to select the appropriate preset for your ASX/main system combination. A variety of ASX presets are available from your Martin Audio User Guides CD or from the Downloads section of These can be copied and pasted to a suitable place on your pc if you are a regular system installer.
  • Page 17 Don’t be alarmed by the ‘system EQ’! The ASX uses a servo assisted current drive system that results in an almost flat current response but a varying voltage response. The ‘system EQ’ makes the voltage response and resulting acoustical response flat. The ‘system EQ’...
  • Page 18: System Placement

    System placement Horizontal orientation ASX horns flare from the badge end to allow ASXs to be paired to create one large bass horn. Horn flares this way > Basic stereo placement The horn flare asymmetry is usually insignificant when ASXs are used as single units well away from boundaries.
  • Page 19: System Time/Phase Alignment

    ASX systems should be placed with the subwoofer and main sound system grilles vertically aligned wherever possible. ASX grilles and main system grilles should be closely aligned so that they are at equal distances from a central audience area – preferably a well positioned mix or reference position.
  • Page 20: 10 Warranties

    Use a laser tape measure to measure the distance to the main system grille and the ASX sub-woofer grille. If the ASX sub-woofers are closer than the main “top” system, increase the ASX output delay via the RS485 port using the Control Manager software. Increase by 2.91ms for every metre of misalignment.

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