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Adding Ingredients; The Controls - Russell Hobbs Glow Smoothie Maker Instructions And Warranty

Glow smoothie maker
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The cap fits into the hole in the lid. Generally, use the cap if you're using the smoothie
maker as a blender, use the stirrer if you're making drinks or smoothies.
If you're making mayonnaise, you can fit the cap upside down, and drizzle oil into the
mix through the small hole in the cap.
The stirrer
If you're making drinks or smoothies, instead of fitting the cap, drop the long end of the
stirrer into the hole.
If solid ingredients aren't getting down to the blades, give them a poke with the stirrer to
chivvy them along.
Rolling the stirrer anti-clockwise (the opposite way to the blades), against the jug wall,
will help with thicker mixtures.
Don't bash it against the wall of the jug.
Don't run the smoothie maker without fitting either the cap or the stirrer, otherwise solid
ingredients may be ejected through the hole when they hit the blades.

The controls

The controls are:
t op button – low speed, for lighter jobs, using mainly liquid ingredients. If you're using
the tap to dispense really thick smoothies, running the motor on low speed
the flow.
bottom button – high speed, for heavier jobs, using mainly solid ingredients You can
swap directly between □ and
middle button – this button is spring-loaded, it has two functions: it returns both □ and
buttons to "off", and switches the motor off it also acts as a pulse button – press to run
the motor, let go to stop.
Use the
button, for instance, to reduce ice to slush, for icy drinks.
Use it in bursts – press, let go, check the results, repeat, till you've reached the degree
of slushiness you want.
Don't run the motor for more than three minutes at a time, then leave it for a minute to
cool down before using it again.

Adding ingredients

To add ingredients while the smoothie maker is working:
cap - lift the cap off, pour/drop the new ingredients through the hole, then replace the
cap in the hole
stirrer - lift the stirrer out of the hole, scrape it against the side of the hole on the way
out, to remove drips, then pour/drop the new ingredients through the hole, and replace
the stirrer in the hole.
Check that the added ingredients don't push the volume in the jug past the 1.7l mark.
pressing either button cancels the other.
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