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Important Safeguards - Russell Hobbs Glow Smoothie Maker Instructions And Warranty

Glow smoothie maker
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Congratulations on purchasing our Russell Hobbs Glow Smoothie Maker. Each unit is
manufactured to ensure safety and reliability. Before using this hand mixer for the first time,
please read the instruction manual carefully and keep it for future reference.
Read the instructions and keep them safe. If you pass the smoothie maker on, pass
on the instructions too. Remove all packaging, but keep it till you know the smoothie
maker works.

Important Safeguards

Follow basic safety precautions, including:
This smoothie maker must only be used by a responsible adult.
Don't put the motor unit in liquid, don't use it in a bathroom, near water, or
Unplug before dismantling or cleaning.
The smoothie maker is fitted with a safety switch to prevent the motor operating unless
the jug is in place. Don't use this to switch the smoothie maker on and off.
Switch off (press and release Y) before fitting the jug to the motor unit.
Switch off (press and release Y), and wait till the blades come to a stop before removing
the lid from the jug, or removing the jug from the motor unit.
Don't use the smoothie maker unless the lid is in place.
Don't fill with anything hotter than you can comfortably handle (i.e. liquid temperature
below 40°C).
When blending hot liquids, put a hand on the lid to hold it in place.
10 Don't put your hand into the jug, even after you've removed it from the motor unit
– the blades are sharp.
11 Don't put any implement (spoon, spatula, etc.), other than the stirrer, into the jug while
the smoothie maker is plugged in.
12 Don't leave the smoothie maker unattended while plugged in.
13 Sit the motor unit on a dry, firm, level surface, near a power socket.
14 Route the cable so it doesn't overhang, and can't be tripped over or caught.
15 Don't let the jug overflow. If liquid gets under the motor unit, it may be sucked into the
motor, damaging it.
16 Don't fill the jug above the 1.7l mark – if you do, the contents may force the lid off when
you start the motor.
17 Don't run the motor for more than three minutes at a time, then leave it for a minute to
cool down before using it again.
18 Don't run the smoothie maker empty, it may overheat.
19 Keep the smoothie maker and the cable away from hotplates, hobs or burners.
20 Don't fit any attachment or accessory other than those we supply.
21 Don't use the smoothie maker for any purpose other than those described in these
22 Don't operate the smoothie maker if it's damaged or malfunctions.
23 If the cable is damaged, the smoothie maker must be returned, in order to avoid hazard.



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