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Pager Notification; Indicator Lights; Fire And Smoke Alarms; Clearing Smoke Sensors - GE Security Pro 500 User Instructions

Ge security pro 500
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Any time you notice that the
ready light is not on, you
should press the STATUS
button to find out what the
trouble condition is.
Fire and Smoke
Your system may or may not
be monitored. If it is not
monitored, no call will be
Protest beeps inform you that you're trying to arm the system while there is an open door or
Sensor test beeps are the sound the system makes during a sensor test to indicate that a sensor
was tested properly.
Status beeps are described in more detail throughout the manual.

Pager Notification

Your system can dial the phone numbers of three different pagers to notify users of events they
may want to be aware of. Some of the events include:
when the system is disarmed,
when the system is armed,
trouble conditions in the system, and
alarm conditions.
For more information, see "Notification by Pager."

Indicator Lights

The fixed display touchpad used with Concord™ Express Systems includes ARMED and
READY indicator LEDs (light emitting diodes) that provide instant feedback.
The red LED is the ARMED indicator. It will flash during the exit delay when you are arming the
system to level 2 (STAY) or level 3 (AWAY). It will also flash during the entry delay, before you
disarm your system.
The arming indicator will stop flashing — but will remain on — when the exit delay expires and
the system is armed.
The arming indicator will be off when the system is disarmed.
The green LED is the READY indicator. It will be on whenever the system is functioning nor-
mally. The ready indicator shuts off if the system detects a trouble condition.
If your system contains smoke and fire sensors, it monitors the premises for smoke and fire
alarms 24 hours a day and in all arming levels.
These alarms cannot be cancelled or aborted and are always reported to the central station. Since
many communities charge for dispatching the fire department in error, your dealer may give you
specific instructions to follow in the event of an accidental smoke or fire alarm. Record these
instructions in the Appendix A User Sheets under "Accidental Smoke and Fire Alarms."

Clearing Smoke Sensors

Once a smoke sensor has been in alarm, it is considered "Open" or in "Trouble" until it is reset:
+ Code once to silence the alarm, then press

What Happens When There is an Alarm

In the event of an alarm, several things happen at once:
Sirens and hardwired touchpads emit emergency tones
Panel notifies the central station for help.*
Message appears on fixed display or alphanumeric touchpads.
+ Code again to reset the smoke
Security Pro 500

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