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Telstra T-BOX User Manual

Telstra t-box.
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for more information:
Call 13 2200
visit a telstra store or Partner


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  • Page 1 Call 13 2200 visit visit a telstra store or Partner...
  • Page 2 YoU neeD to KnoW aBoUt YoUr neW telstra t-BoX ®...
  • Page 3 Hello, it's time to meet YoUr telstra t-BoX ® Everything you need is here. Your T-Box is how you watch movies and TV at home, with ease. Step inside a digital library of on demand movies, watch and record your favourite TV programs with the personal video recorder, sit back and relax.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    11 Putting the power in your hands 38 Managing your settings 12 Entering text 13 let’s Get set 13 Pair your remote control to your T-Box 14 Set a Parental Control PIN 14 Connect to the Internet 15 Making your connection...
  • Page 5 47 Trouble with BigPond Movies ® 48Trouble with your account 48 Trouble with registering your T-Box or signing up to movies 49 Trouble with hard drive checks 49 Trouble with your internet connection 51 Trouble with your program guide 51 Trouble with free-to-air...
  • Page 6: Before You Set Up Your T-box

    Not only is ® it dangerous, but any attempt to open, modify or dismantle your T-Box or its software will immediately void your warranty, subject to any other rights or remedies that are available to you under law, which cannot be excluded. See page 58 for details Before YoU set UP YoUr t-BoX: • Y our T-Box and its accessories are designed to be used in Australia, inside the home.
  • Page 7: Before You Start Using Your T-box

    IMPORTANT: before disconnecting the power supply, first turn your T-Box off. • P ress the power button on the remote for 3 seconds until you see the on-screen message ‘Entering sleep mode; please wait.’ Only when the T-Box powers down, is it safe to then switch off from the power point • N ever pull the cord out of the T-Box directly as it could cause issues with your T-Box hard-drive • A void connecting too many devices to the same electric power source, otherwise...
  • Page 8 Please consider the environment when you dispose of any T-Box materials. ® The packaging your T-Box came in is recyclable, please sort and dispose of it accordingly and in line with local laws. When your T-Box reaches the end of its life please dispose of it correctly.
  • Page 9: Here's What You Can Look Forward To

    • A pplications including the AFL Game Analyser, YouTube and Picasa Give YoUrself a BoX seat: Getting the most out of your T-Box features and viewing options is easy. This User Guide will be a big help to you. Plus you should make sure you: • U se the Getting Started Guide to install your T-Box • C onnect your T-Box to the internet through an eligible BigPond broadband Service.
  • Page 10: Enjoy The Show

    T-Box. If for some reason you have not connected your T-Box to the internet using a BigPond broadband service we will only be able to provide limited support for your T-Box. For the best experience, connect your T-Box via an Ethernet network cable or use a Home Network Extender to your modem.
  • Page 11: What's In The Box

    BoX anD into tHe neW WHat's in tHe BoX? Here’s what you should find when you first unpack your T-Box ® • Y our Telstra T-Box • P ower supply cord • R emote control with two new CR2032 batteries • T V aerial cable (2m) • T V aerial adaptor • H DMI video cable (1.25m) • M ini-DIN-to-Composite/Component video cable (1.25m)
  • Page 12: Making The Right Connections

    ConneCtinG YoUr t-BoX to YoUr tv Your T-Box will work with a range of TVs and the different cables in the box will let you set up one of three different connections. 1. HDMI (recommended) Connect your T-Box to your TV with the HDMI cable provided. The HDMI cable carries Audio and Video to your TV set, so it’s all you need.
  • Page 13 2. Component (HD Option) You can also use the Mini-DIN-to-Composite/Component cable for HDTV. Connect the round black plug end to your T-Box . Then connect the blue, green ® and red video plugs to your TV's video inputs; and the red and white audio plugs to the TV’s audio inputs.
  • Page 14: Setting Your Tv Format

    16:9 TV screens. So, to enjoy the best possible picture, make sure your T-Box is connected to a TV labelled either ‘Full HD’ or ‘HD Ready’, using the HDMI cable. If you connect to a standard 4:3 aspect ratio screen, or you just use the Mini- DIN-to-Component/Composite cable with component or composite connectors, your picture will be of lower quality, and you’ll need to select the 4:3 TV Option...
  • Page 15: Entering Text

    enterinG teXt The remote control also features ‘multi-tap’ keys that you can use to enter text. It’s just like writing SMS text messages with a conventional mobile phone keypad: • P ress the 2 to 9 keys repeatedly until you get the letter you want. You can enter upper and lower case letters by continued presses • P ress the 1 key repeatedly to get a full stop or comma • P ress the 0 key to enter a space...
  • Page 16 Once that’s done, your T-Box will check for any software updates and install them for you. Please don’t try to use your T-Box until after your T-Box restarts itself with any new software that might be available. Then you can enjoy all the very latest features –...
  • Page 17: Set A Parental Control Pin

    When prompted by the on-screen instructions, enter a 4-digit Parental Control PIN using the numerical buttons on your remote control. You’ll be asked to confirm your PIN again by re-entering it. You’ll also be asked on the next screen to select the type of content you would like to restrict from viewing on the T-Box. If you select ‘No restrictions’, you’ll be able to watch all content on your T-Box without any restriction.
  • Page 18: Making Your Connection

    Ethernet network cable provided to connect them. If your T-Box is a long distance away from your modem, we recommend that you use a Home Network Extender such as Ruckus or Power line to connect your T-Box to the Home Network Gateway in order to improve the quality of internet connection.
  • Page 19 ’s Wi-Fi MAC address you can find this in the System ® Information page in the Settings menu, on page 38. You can also find your Wi-Fi modem/router MAC address on the same screen. If you still can’t connect wirelessly, check the lights on your Wi-Fi gateway/ modem to make sure Wi-Fi is enabled, and use a Wi-Fi enabled device like your laptop to the check the signal strength at your T-Box.
  • Page 20 Set up a Wi-Fi connection using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) To connect using WPS you will need a compatible Wi-Fi modem or gateway. Below is the current range of Telstra recognised and supported WPS modems. If you have your own Wi-Fi modem or gateway check your user manual to see if it has WPS.
  • Page 21 Gateway is far away from your TV or there is a lot of wireless interference preventing a good connection between your T-Box and your modem. These can be purchased outright or on a repayment option. Call us on 13 2200.
  • Page 22: Tune In Digital Free-to-air Tv

    Reception of high definition channels and programs is only possible in certain areas, and only on TVs, that are HD Ready or Full HD and connected to your T-Box with the HDMI cable. If you need to know more about HDTV, please ask your TV retailer, manufacturer or installer.
  • Page 23 Note: To rent movies and TV shows from BigPond Movies, you’ll need to sign up to BigPond Movies using a valid Australian credit card. Note: To watch Foxtel on T-Box channels, you'll need to pass our service qualification check. To find out if you’re eligible visit and subscribe to Foxtel on T-Box.
  • Page 24 To register, use your computer to visit and follow the instructions. It’s a three-step process: • R egister your T-Box to link it with your BigPond internet broadband account, ® so you can access all the T-Box features and receive latest software updates • L ink your existing BigPond Movies account, or create one, so that you can rent and watch BigPond Movies • S ubscribe to Foxtel on T-Box to access up to 30 Foxtel channels on your T-Box. You will only see this option if you are eligible for the service Note: Once you’ve completed your registration and setup, it will only take a few...
  • Page 25: The Home Menu

    Home menU The Home menu is the main menu for your T-Box – you’ll manage all the other features from here. To go to the Home menu from any other screen, just press the Menu button on your remote control.
  • Page 26 • U se the P+ and P- buttons • P ress ‘Guide’ on the remote control to bring up the full 7-day program guide BigPond ® Once you've setup and registered your T-Box , you'll be able to watch exciting ® and often exclusive content from BigPond TV, streamed over your broadband connection. They’re all unmetered – so watching them won’t affect the monthly usage allowance on your BigPond broadband plan.
  • Page 27 Foxtel on T-Box ® Foxtel on T-Box offers an easy and affordable way to enjoy a selection of Foxtel channels on your T- Box. Whatever you’re into, there’s something for you. One of the best things about Foxtel on T-Box is its flexibility. There’s no long-term contract, so you can try it out for a month if you want. You can easily add or swap additional packages to find the right mix for you, and you can do it all on the T-Box website.
  • Page 28: The Program Guide

    ProGram GUiDe The Program Guide shows you what’s on your digital free-to-air TV, BigPond ® channels and Foxtel on T-Box seven days in advance. To access the Program ® Guide, you can either press the Guide button on your remote control or select Program Guide from the Home menu.
  • Page 29 Seven, Nine, Ten etc. Note: if your T-Box isn’t registered and connected to an eligible BigPond ®...
  • Page 30: Recording Your Favourite Programs

    The program will shrink to quarter screen and you’ll be able to find out more about: • T he program you’re watching • T he next program in the schedule • P rime time programming • P rogram synopsis information • T he programming and services of that channel • R ecordings that you’ve made from that channel and scheduled recordings. Just use the arrow buttons on your remote to move between information categories and programs. Note: Some channels may not offer a TV channel homepage. Plus, if you don’t have access to the full Program Guide, you’ll only be able to view information about the current and next-scheduled programs.
  • Page 31 • Press REC (record) to display the recording menu • You can then choose an option to modify or stop the recording To modify or cancel a scheduled recording If you start recording a program with your T-Box and then change your mind: Either switch to the channel that you’re recording or highlight the program in the Program Guide • Find and highlight the program in the Program Guide • Press REC to display the recording menu...
  • Page 32: Using My Recordings

    8TBs. Currently you can only export one program at a time. Recordings saved on a USB device can only be played back via a T-Box and not any other device. Please ensure that you unmount your USB device properly...
  • Page 33: Features In My Recordings

    Note: Make sure you keep an eye on your remaining hard disk storage space, which is displayed above the recordings. You may wish to delete your recordings as you watch them, so that there’s always space for your future recordings. featUres in mY reCorDinGs Series Record You can use ‘My Recordings’ or the ‘Program Guide’ to access to the ‘Series Record’ feature. This lets you record every upcoming episode in a series automatically, rather than just recording the current program or setting up each episode separately.
  • Page 34: Accessing Bigpond Movies

    – both of which you can do online at, as part of the set-up and registration process. Once registered, you can rent and watch digital quality and High Definition movies with your T-Box. Your movies will be downloaded to your T-Box hard drive for you to watch when you’re ready. Once your movie starts to download the T-Box will tell you when it...
  • Page 35: Browse Bigpond Movies

    BigPond usage allowance one bit. With BigPond broadband all BigPond content, including BigPond Movies is unmetered so it does not affect your download limits. Features of the T-Box including BigPond Movies that include unmetered content will display the unmetered ‘Green Dot’...
  • Page 36: Paying For Bigpond Movies

    Telstra Bill During T-Box registration you’ll be given the option to pay for your rented movies using your Telstra Bill. Charges for rented movies will be shown in the BigPond section of your Telstra Bill. You can check and change your payment method anytime by going to ‘My T-Box Account’ at
  • Page 37 Once you have selected the movie you wish to watch you will need to select ‘ok – confirm’ if you’d like to take the money off your credit card or Telstra bill. Alternatively you can use a BigPond Movies voucher for payment of movies.
  • Page 38: Using My Rentals

    My T-Box’ account lets you view your account information or purchase history and redeem a voucher. Once you are in ‘My T-Box Account’ select ‘redeem a voucher’. This will allow you to enter the 14-character voucher code, which will be located on your BigPond Movie voucher.
  • Page 39 If the speed of your BigPond broadband service has been slowed because you’ve exceeded your BigPond plan's monthly usage allowance, the Foxtel on T-Box service will not be usable until the start of the next billing cycle.
  • Page 40: How Foxtel On T-box Works

    Step 3: Go to your T-Box and start watching Foxtel on T-Box! HoW foXtel on t-BoX WorKs Once you’ve subscribed to Foxtel on T-Box online, you can watch your Foxtel on T-Box channel packages on your T-Box. Accessing the Channels There are two different ways to access your Foxtel on T-Box channels from the main T-Box Menu.
  • Page 41: Managing Your Settings

    Subtitles are also available on some foreign films in the BigPond Movies store. manaGinG YoUr settinGs The Settings menu lets you check and change your T-Box set-up. To access your Settings just press the Menu button on your remote, then select Settings and press OK. This will bring up the following Settings options: My Movies for details of your BigPond Movies account # –...
  • Page 42 • C hannel list auto-hide – adjust the delay before pop up menus and messages close • P ower saving mode – set the time before your T-Box automatically switches to standby mode and then deep sleep when left idle Parental Control settings for you to manage: • Change parental control PIN – choose a new PIN. (If you lose or forget your PIN you’ll have to reset your T-Box or contact customer support on 13 2200) • Classification restrictions – change the content ratings that require PIN access • Channel Blocking – require a PIN to access and view certain channels • Application blocking – require a PIN to access certain content and applications, such as YouTube videos. Application blocking is available from Parental Control under the T-Box settings or YouTube Settings menu Note: Please keep your parental PIN secret at all times.
  • Page 43 • High Quality – override automatic settings to receive High Quality video streams. • Standard Quality – override automatic settings to receive Standard Quality video streaming. If you wish to change or upgrade your BigPond plan ® or Telstra Bundle please contact us on 13 2200. Note: If the internet speed is slow, High Quality video streams cannot be displayed.
  • Page 44 ® • Autoplay – set YouTube to play the next video in the list automatically • Filter Videos – ensure videos, which may not be suitable for minors, are not displayed on your T-Box • Geography – prioritise YouTube videos by the location you select for your T-Box • User Settings – lets you set the settings for a user linked to your T-Box • Autoplay – set YouTube to play the next video in the list automatically, for a specific user • Filter Videos – ensure videos, that may not be suitable for minors, are not displayed on your T-Box, for a specific user • Geography – prioritise YouTube videos by the location you select for your T-Box, for a specific user • Customise Menu – hide YouTube menu items to customise a user's YouTube menu...
  • Page 45: Led Status Indications

    T-Box directly at the power point as this can cause problems with the hard drive of your T-Box in standby mode. If the power plug needs to be switched off and removed please put the T-Box in SLEEP MODE.
  • Page 46: Reset Options

    ‘Entering sleep mode; please wait'. Only when the T-Box powers down is it safe to switch off from the power point. Never pull the cord out of the T-Box directly as it could cause issues with the hard drive of your T-Box.
  • Page 47 My T-Box has stopped responding to the remote control Restart your T-Box and see if it resolves the problem (refer to the instructions on restarting your T-Box). If not, check if the LED on the front of the T-Box flashes when a button on the remote is pressed. If it doesn’t flash, most likely it’s something to do with your remote. You can try removing the battery and re-inserting it. However it may be the remote control’s battery is flat and you’ll need to replace it. Please ensure you replace with round 3V CR2032 battery/batteries. (Be careful when getting replacement batteries – there are multiple types of round batteries available at retailers that look similar to the CR2032 battery). If the T-Box LED does not flash, it could also be that your remote is not correctly paired to your T-Box. If you are having trouble pairing your remote go to the next question.
  • Page 48 Press button ‘1’ and button ‘7’ at the same time, and hold them both down for 5 seconds. Then follow the on screen instructions, which will ask you to press a specific number on your remote control. I press the button once, and the T-Box behaves as if I pressed the button many times This is generally caused by the remote batteries starting to go flat. Try replacing the batteries in your remote.
  • Page 49: T-box Power Issues

    • A fter replacing the batteries, press the reset button underneath your T-Box for 2 flashes in order to bring up the remote pairing screen (please refer to page 43 for details on how to bring up the remote pairing screen) • P lease follow the on-screen instructions to pair your remote with your T-Box • I f the LED is blinking and you still don’t see anything on your TV screen, please press the reset button underneath your T-Box for 5 times to perform a factory reset (please refer to page 43 for details on factory reset) • I f you are still having problems with powering your T-Box on, please call us on 13 2200 for further assistance...
  • Page 50 HDCP stands for High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It's a copyright protection technology which is embedded in programs, to protect them as they're transmitted from a T-Box to a HDTV over an HDMI connection. Most HD TVs have the appropriate technology built into them, but some older sets only...
  • Page 51: Trouble With Your Account

    (You can do this by logging into You will still need a valid credit card to provide proof of age Note: If you have redeemed a voucher and there is no credit left the T-Box will start charging your credit card or Telstra bill. troUBle WitH reGisterinG YoUr t-BoX or siGninG UP to movies I thought I had registered my T-Box but I can’t access any of the BigPond TV...
  • Page 52: Trouble With Hard Drive Checks

    BigPond takes seriously our obligation to protect children and families from accessing inappropriate content, such as films rated MA15+ and R18+ troUBle WitH HarD Drive CHeCKs My T-Box says it is completing a hard drive check but I still can’t view my recordings or record TV shows • T he T-Box hard drive check normally lasts around 15 minutes. Do not interrupt the hard drive check once it has commenced • I f the T-Box hasn’t completed the check you will be prevented from recording...
  • Page 53 Settings Menu and complete the following steps: • choose the internet connection screen by arrowing across • select the option to change internet connection • choose connect via ethernet If successful, you‘ll see a picture with the T-Box with three green ticks indicating successful connection to the modem, to BigPond and to the Internet. ® If this step is unsuccessful you will either see one green tick for the modem and red crosses for BigPond and the internet.
  • Page 54 • Y ou may need to seek advice from a professional TV or TV antenna installer if this is unsuccessful. If this is unsuccessful try manual tuning How do I manually tune TV channels? • I f you have a specific digital channel that you would like displayed on the T-Box, you will need to follow these steps: • Go to Channel Tuning section of the Settings menu. • Select the Manual Tuning option • Use the left/right arrows on your remote control to scroll through the channels. It will try to find this channel and advise if the channel was detected.
  • Page 55: Trouble With Multi-recording

    troUBle WitH mUlti-reCorDinG Refer to the table below for a comprehensive description of how you can use multi-record. Pausing and rewinding Scenario Recording Free-to-air TV Watching TV free-to-air TV Record 3 channels from 1 Watch 1 free-to-air Pause, rewind available on channel family channel from the same free-to-air channels being...
  • Page 56 In the event that you attempt to watch or record a channel which conflicts other recordings, you will presented with various resolution options. Scenario 1: You would have attempted to watch a channel in conflict with recordings in progress. You can then select a recording to stop. Scenario 2: You have attempted to record a channel in conflict with recordings currently in progress. You can then select a recording to stop or modify the start and end time. Scenario 3: You would have attempted to record a 3rd channel, using delayed viewing on a channel not being recorded. You can cancel a recording or stop delayed viewing.
  • Page 57: Trouble With Recording

    Why can't I watch the channel I want? I get a dialog box asking me to stop a recording. T-Box has two tuners it uses to tune in to free-to-air signals from your aerial connection. If your T-Box is using both these tuners to record programs, there is no spare tuner available to watch another channel.
  • Page 58: Trouble With Your Picture

    ‘Input’ or ‘Source’ on your TV remote and choose the input you plugged your T-Box into (e.g. HDMI or AV1) • T ry resetting your T-Box by pressing the reset button on the bottom of the T-Box once Note: If you are setting up your T-Box for the first time it may take some time for the TV to recognise the T-Box signal. Wait a few minutes before moving to the next step.
  • Page 59: Trouble With Foxtel On T-box

    Your T-Box will automatically check if you are eligible to subscribe to Foxtel on T-Box. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, the Foxtel channels will not be able to be viewed on your T-Box. To see the latest eligibility requirements please go to What are the eligibility requirements to subscribe to Foxtel on T-Box? You will need to: • Have an Eligible BigPond...
  • Page 60 The quality of my BigPond TV channels is poor • T o change your media streaming settings go to ‘Internet Connection’ under ‘Settings’ from the T-Box main menu. If this is unsuccessful, call support on 13 2200 If you exceed your BigPond monthly usage allowance your connection will slow and due to the slower speed, your BigPond TV service will not work.
  • Page 61 Australia and in accordance with their instructions for use. The T-Box and the services offered in conjunction with it are strictly for private use to the exclusion of any other use. The user’s home must have a BigPond ®...
  • Page 62 To make a claim under this Voluntary Product Warranty, you must provide proof of purchase and call Telstra T-Box Support on 13 2200 to arrange, at our expense, for a prepaid return satchel for you to send the product and all the components from the original purchase.
  • Page 63 List of registered trade marks • A ll trade marks, designs, photos, licences, software or other items used with the T-Box including its accessories and/or equipment, as well as those associated with the use of paid or free services available with the T-Box, are trademarks registered by their respective owner and in that capacity constitute exclusive property rights. • F oxtel marks are used under license by Foxtel Management Pty Ltd. • B igPond and Telstra T-Box are registered trade marks of Telstra Corporation ®...
  • Page 64 T-Box net weight: 0.78Kg Packaged weight: 1.26Kg Remote control dimensions: 119.6 x 52.7 x 13mm (L x W x D) Remote control battery: 2 x CR2032 Operating temperature: 0°C to 45°C Power usage on paused standby: <1W Telstra reserves the right to modify the T-Box, its accessories, equipment, software etc., without notice.

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