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Delivery; Installation - Siemens SN55M531TI Operating Instructions Manual



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1. Check the packaging and
dishwasher immediately for
damage caused in transit. Do
not switch on a damaged
appliance, but contact your
2. Please dispose of the
packaging material in an
environmentally friendly
3. Do not let children play with
packaging and its parts.
There is a risk of suffocation
from collapsible boxes and


Following installation, ensure
that the back
of the dishwasher is not
freely accessible (protection
against contact due to hot
Install and connect
the appliance according
to the installation
and assembly instructions.
Prior to installation,
disconnect the dishwasher
from the power supply.
Ensure that the protective
conductor system
of the domestic supply has
been correctly installed.
Safety instructions
The electrical connection
conditions must correspond
with the specifications
on the dishwasher rating
plate 9:.
If the power cord of this
appliance is damaged,
it must be replaced with
a particular power cord.
To prevent injury, the power
cord may be purchased from
customer service only.
If the dishwasher is installed
in a high-sided unit, the unit
must be secured properly.
If the dishwasher is installed
below or above other
domestic appliances, follow
the information for installation
in combination with
a dishwasher
in the installation instructions
for the particular appliances.
Also follow the installation
instructions for
the dishwasher to ensure
that all appliances are
operated safely.
If there is no information or if
the installation instructions
do not include
the appropriate information,
contact the manufacturer
of these appliances
to ensure that
the dishwasher can be
installed above or below
these appliances.


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