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Fault, What To Do; Waste Water Pump - Siemens SN55M531TI Operating Instructions Manual



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Fault, what to do?

o d o ?
w h a t t
F a u l t ,
Experience has shown that you can
rectify most faults which occur in daily
operation yourself. This ensures that
the machine is quickly available to you
again. In the following overview you can
find possible causes of malfunctions
and helpful information for rectifying
If the appliance stops during
dishwashing or does not start for no
obvious reason, first run the Abort
programme function (Reset).
(See chapter entitled "Operating
the appliance")
Warning – Don't forget: Repairs may
be carried out by technicians only. If a
component has to be replaced, ensure
that only original spare parts are used.
Improper repairs or use of non-original
spare parts may cause considerable
damage and put the user at
considerable risk.

Waste water pump

Large food remnants or foreign objects
which were not captured by the filters
may block the waste water pump. The
rinsing water will then be above
the filter.
Warning – Risk of cuts!
When cleaning the waste water pump,
ensure that you do not injure yourself
on pieces of broken glass or pointed
Fault, what to do?
In this case:
1. First always disconnect
the appliance from the power supply.
2. Take out top basket 1* and bottom
basket 1j.
3. Remove the filters 1Z.
4. Scoop out water, use a sponge if
5. Prise out the white pump cover
(as illustrated) using a spoon. Grip
the cover on the crosspiece and lift
diagonally inwards. Remove cover
6. Check impeller wheel and remove
any foreign objects.
7. Place cover in the original position
and press down until it engages
8. Install filters.
9. Re-insert baskets.



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