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Intensive Drying; Cleaning And Maintenance; Overall Condition Of The Machine - Siemens SN55M531TI Operating Instructions Manual



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Intensive drying

The final rinse uses a higher
temperature which improves the drying
result. The running time may increase
slightly. (Caution if utensils are delicate!)
1. Close the door.
2. Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
3. Hold down programme button #
and press START button h until
the digital display )* : ... is
4. Release both buttons.
The LED for button # flashes and
the digital display )* displays the
factory setting :
5. Press programme button # until
the factory set value :
indicated on the digital display )*.
To change the setting,
1. Press the button 3 to switch the
Intensive drying on :
2. Press START button h.
The set value is saved.
or off :

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and
e n a n c e
a n d m a i n t
C l e a n i n g
A regular inspection and maintenance
of your machine will help to prevent
faults. This saves time and prevents
Overall condition
of the machine
Check spray arm for grease
and limescale deposits.
If you find such deposits:
Fill detergent dispenser with
detergent. Start the appliance without
utensils in the programme with
the highest rinsing temperature.
Clean the appliance with detergents/
appliance cleaners which
are particularly suitable for use with
To ensure that the door seal always
remains clean and hygienic, regularly
clean it with a damp cloth and a little
washing-up liquid.
If the appliance is switched off for
a prolonged period, leave the door
ajar to prevent the formation of
an unpleasant odour.
Never use a steam cleaner to clean your
dishwasher. The manufacturer is not
liable for any consequential damage.
Regularly wipe the front of the appliance
and fascia with a damp cloth; water
and a little washing up liquid
are adequate. Do not use sponges with
a rough surface or abrasive detergents,
as these could scratch the surfaces.
Stainless steel appliances: To prevent
corrosion, avoid using sponge cloths
or wash them out thoroughly several
times before using for the first time.


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