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Electrical Connection; Removing The Appliance - Siemens SN55M531TI Operating Instructions Manual



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Electrical connection

Connect the appliance to an
alternating current only, ranging from
220 V to 240 V and 50 Hz or 60 Hz
via a correctly installed socket with
protective earth conductor. See
rating plate for required fusing 9:.
The socket must be near
the appliance and freely accessible
following installation.
If the plug is not freely accessible, an
allpole disconnector with a contact
opening of at least 3 mm must be
fitted on the installation side
to satisfy the relevant safety
The connection may be modified by
technicians only.
A power cord extension may be
purchased from customer service
Use only a residual current operated
circuit-breaker which features
the symbol ‚. Only this extension
guarantees compliance with
the currently valid regulations.
The appliance features a water
damage protection system. Please
note the system will not function
unless the power supply
is connected.
Installation and connection

Removing the appliance

Also observe
the sequence of worksteps here.
1. Disconnect the appliance from
the power supply.
2. Turn off the water supply.
3. Undo the waste water and drinking
water connection.
4. Loosen fastening screws for
the furniture parts.
5. If fitted, remove the base panel.
6. Pull out the appliance, carefully
pulling the hose behind.


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