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Damage; Disposal - Siemens SN55M531TI Operating Instructions Manual



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Deactivating the button lock:
Hold down the button + for
approx. 4 sec. until the
When the programme ends
( :
on the digital display), the
button lock is cancelled. If there
is a power failure, the button
lock is retained. Whenever a
programme is restarted, the
button lock must be reactivated.


The appliance may be
repaired and opened up by a
technician only. To do this,
disconnect the appliance
from the power supply. Pull
out the mains plug or switch
off the fuse. Turn off the tap.
If the fascia is damaged
(cracks, holes, broken
buttons), do not operate the
appliance. Pull out the mains
plug or switch off the fuse.
Turn off the tap, call
customer service.


1. Make redundant appliances
unusable to prevent
subsequent accidents.
2. Dispose of the appliance in a
n environmentally friendly
goes out.
Safety instructions
Risk of injury!
To prevent injuries, e.g.
caused by stumbling, open
the dishwasher only briefly
in order to load and unload
the dishwasher.
Knives and other utensils
with sharp points must be
placed in the cutlery basket
with the points
downwards or horizontally on
the knife shelf*.
Do not lean or sit
on the open door.
In the case of free-standing
appliances, ensure that the
baskets are not overloaded.
If the appliance
is not in a cavity and a side
panel is accessible, the door
hinge area must be covered
at the side
for reasons of safety
(risk of injury). The covers
are available as optional
accessories from customer
service or specialist outlets.
* depending on model
Risk of explosion!
Do not add any solvents
to the washing chamber.
Danger of explosion!


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