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Small Accessories Holder; Knife Shelf; Adjusting The Height Of The Basket - Siemens SN55M531TI Operating Instructions Manual

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Small accessories holder *

* depending on model
Light-weight plastic accessories, e.g.
cups, lids, etc. can be held securely in
the small accessories holder.

Knife shelf *

K n i f e s h e l f
* depending on model
Long knives and other utensils can be
arranged horizontally.
A djusting the height of the
Sm a l l ac c e s s o r i e s ho l d e r
Ad j u s t i n g t h e h e i g h t o f t h e b a s k e t
basket *
* depending on model
If required, the height of the upper
utensils basket 1* can be adjusted to
provide more space for tall utensils
either in the upper or lower basket.
Appliance height 81.5 cm
Setting 1 max. ø
Setting 2 max. ø
Setting 3 max. ø
Appliance height 86.5 cm
Setting 1 max. ø
Setting 2 max. ø
Setting 3 max. ø
Select one of the two following
procedures according to the design of
the top basket for your appliance model:
Top basket
22 cm
30 cm
24.5 cm
27.5 cm
27 cm
25 cm
Top basket
24 cm
33 cm
26.5 cm
30.5 cm
29 cm
28 cm



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