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Siemens SN53HS60AE Instructions Manual

Siemens SN53HS60AE Instructions Manual


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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Siemens SN53HS60AE

  • Page 1 Translated from Dutch to English - dishwasher SN53HS60AE Instructions Register your product on My Siemens and discover exclusive services and off to/welcome siemens-home.bsh-group.c The future moving in. Siemens Home Appliances...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Index Safety..........4 Knife rack ........24 General instructions ....4 Cutlery basket heights ......24 Destination of the device ....4 Before using for the first time ....25 Restriction of users .... 4 First time use..25 Safe installation......... 5 Safe use..........
  • Page 3 Service........60 Cancel program ....35 Product number (E-Nr.), production Switching off the appliance....35 number (FD) and serial number (Z- Basic Settings ........ 37 Nr.) ..........60 AQUA-STOP guarantee ....60 Overview of the basic settings ............37 Technical data....
  • Page 4: Safety

    NLSafety Safety Observe the safety information so that you can use the device safely. General instructions Here you will find general information about this manual. †Please read this manual carefully. Only then can you you can use the device safely and efficiently. †These operating instructions are intended for the user of the device.
  • Page 5: Safe Installation

    SafetyNL Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are supervised. Make sure that children under 8 years old cannot reach the device or the connecting cable. Safe installation Observe the safety instructions when installing the device. WARNING ‒...
  • Page 6 NLSafety †Cutting the inlet hose or immersing it in water peeling the AquaStop valve is dangerous. ▶ Never immerse the plastic housing in water. An electric valve is located in the plastic housing on the supply hose. ▶ Never cut the supply hose. There are electrical connection lines in the supply hose.
  • Page 7: Safe Use

    SafetyNL Safe use Observe the safety instructions when using the device. WARNING ‒ Serious health risk! Failure to observe the safety instructions and instructions for use on the packaging of dishwasher detergents and rinse aids can lead to serious health damage. ▶...
  • Page 8 NLSafety †Knives and objects with sharp points can injure cause things. ▶ Place knives and objects with sharp points with the points down in the cutlery basket, knife holder or cutlery drawer. WARNING ‒ Risk of burns! If the appliance door is opened during the program run, hot water may splash out of the appliance.
  • Page 9: Damaged Device

    SafetyNL Damaged device Observe the safety instructions if the device is damaged. WARNING ‒ Danger of electric shock! †A damaged appliance or power cord has been good. ▶ Never use a damaged device. ▶ Never use a device with a cracked or broken surface. ▶...
  • Page 10 NLSafety ▶ Do not let children play with packaging material. †Children can inhale or swallow small parts and suffocate because of this. ▶ Keep small parts away from children. ▶ Do not allow children to play with small parts. WARNING ‒ Health risk! Children can lock themselves in the appliance and endanger their lives.
  • Page 11 SafetyNL WARNING ‒ Choking hazard! Children can lock themselves in the appliance and suffocate. ▶ If present, use the child lock. ▶ Never allow children to play with or operate the appliance.
  • Page 12: Avoiding Material Damage

    NLAvoid material damage Do not install the dishwasher ▶ Material damage near heat sources, such as a to avoid radiator, water heater, stove or other appliances that give off t To prevent material damage to the heat. †Altered or damaged water appliance, accessories or kitchen hoses can lead to material damage utensils, please observe the...
  • Page 13: Environmental Protection And Saving

    Environmental protection and savingNL rinsed, the water softening salt can You can obtain information about the be filled into the water softening salt current disposal methods from your container immediately before the dealer and your municipal or district program starts. †Dishwasher council office.
  • Page 14: Set Up And Connection

    NLSet up and connect a continuous worktop that is Set up and connect permanently connected to the adjacent cabinets. s For correct use, connect the Observe the safety instructions." → 1. " appliance to electricity and water in a Page 4 professional manner.
  • Page 15: Drinking Water Connection

    Set up and connectNL Drinking water connection Connect the device to a drinking water connection. Install drinking water connection NoteWhen you replace the appliance, you must use a new water supply hose. The necessary steps can be found in the supplied installation instructions. Connect the device to the drinking water connection using the enclosed parts.
  • Page 16: Getting To Know Your Device

    Getting to know your device get to know your device Learn more about the components of your device. Device Here you will find an overview of the components of your device. Nameplate Type plate with "E number and FD number" →...
  • Page 17: Controls

    Getting to know your deviceNL Detergent dispenser Put the "dishwasher detergent" in the detergent dispenser → Page 29. "Lower crockery basket"→ Page 22 Lower crockery basket Reservoir for softening salt Add softening salt to the water softening salt reservoir. "Softening System", page 25 The lower spray arm cleans the dishes in the Lower spray arm lower basket.
  • Page 18 NLGetting to know your device 3 4 5 6 13 12 11 10 9 "Turn on device"→Page 34 ON/OFF button and Reset button "Turn off device"→Page 35 "Abort program"→Page 35 Program keys "Programs"→Page 19 Display The display shows information about the time remaining or basic settings.
  • Page 19: Programs

    ProgramsNL p programs a switched off rinse system or lack of Here you will find an overview of the adjustable programs. Depending on rinse aid affects the run time. The the configuration, different programs consumption values can be found in are offered on the control panel of the the quick guide.
  • Page 20: Notes For Test Institutes

    NLPrograms Program Usage Program sequence Additional Features China: Time-optimized: "Additional †Sensitive crockery, †Cleaning 45 °C † functions", page 21 Speed 45° cuttings, temperature- Intermediate rinse sensitive plastics and †Final rinse 55 °C glasses. Degree of pollution: †Little caked, remove food residues.
  • Page 21: Additional Features

    Additional FeaturesNL flashes. Usage Additional function aThe program and the extra function †With a mixed load are stored. switch on a thing with IntensiveZone Tip:To reset the program, you can use heavily and lightly soiled the Home Connect app or reset the crockery, e.g.
  • Page 22: Lower Basket

    NLEquipment To create space for larger dishes, you can adjust the height of the upper basket. Adjusting the upper basket with side levers To wash large items of crockery in the crockery baskets, you can adjust the shelf height of the top crockery basket.
  • Page 23: Cutlery Basket

    EquipmentNL Etagère Use the etagère and the space below it for storing small cups and glasses or for larger pieces of cutlery such as ladles or pre-cut cutlery. cutlery basket Always place the cutlery unsorted with the points downwards in the cutlery basket. If you do not need the etagère, you can fold it up.
  • Page 24: Knife Rack

    NLEquipment To use the folding plate supports Fold over folding plate again, fold them up. supports If you don't need the flip-up plate aThe folding plate supports supports, flip them over. click audibly. Push the lever forward and fold over the folding plate supports .
  • Page 25: Before Using For The First Time

    Before first useNL Enable device." 3. " V for the first use → Page 34 Set water softening." 4. " s set the options for the first use. → Page 26 Set the amount of rinse aid." → 5. " Page 28 First time use Tip:You can change these settings...
  • Page 26: Set Water Softening

    NLSoftening System NoteSet the device to the water hardness, the greater the determined water hardness. amount of softening salt required. → †Set water softening", page With a water hardness of 0 - 6 °dH you PAY ATTENTION! do not need to use softening salt and †Dishwasher detergent can damage the water damage hardening.
  • Page 27: Switching Off Water Softening

    Softening SystemNL Press. Approx. 3 seconds on Busy- to access the basic settings. aThe display shows Hxx. aThe display shows reflected to give. Just as often on press until the display shows H00. To save the settings, press . for about 3 seconds to press.
  • Page 28: Rinse System

    NLRinse System The stated consumption values are laboratory measured values which are determined according to the currently valid standard and on the basis of the Eco 50° program and the factory-set water hardness value of 13 - 16 °dH. lance flushing system You can use dishes and glasses with If rinse aid has spilled over, it must wash off without a hitch using the...
  • Page 29: Switch Off Rinse System

    Dishwasher detergentNL – A higher setting adds more rinse Dishwasher detergent aid during the wash cycle, reducing water spots and I In the following you will learn which improving drying results. detergents are suitable for the appliance. Suitable dishwasher detergents To save the settings, press .
  • Page 30: Unsuitable Dishwashing Detergent

    NLDishwasher detergent For better washing and drying results Description Dishwasher detergent and to avoid damage to the appliance, For abbreviated "programs" Dishwasher powder we recommend adding "softening →Page 19is dishwashing salt" → Page 26 and "rinse agent" → powder recommended Page 28 to use.
  • Page 31: Notes On Detergents

    Dishwasher detergentNL †The function of the rinse aid Description Dishwasher detergent del is limited in combination chlorinated Chlorine residue on detergents. You usually get better crockery can dishwasher detergent results by using rinse aid. †Use endanger health. tabs with special drying Notes on detergents performance.
  • Page 32: Crockery

    NLChina Damage to glass and crockery Prevent damage to glass and crockery. Cause Recommendation Wash only dishes The following tableware good is not good that the dishwasher safe: manufacturer has ser-resistant is on- †Pieces of cutlery and crockery from marked. aThe lid audibly clicks into place.
  • Page 33: Loading Crockery

    ChinaNL †For better washing and drying Cause Recommendation sultaten, place crockery with curves Highly corrosive alkali If you use highly corrosive or cavities at an angle so that water chemical or strongly acidic alkaline or strongly acidic can run off. dishwasher detergent dishwashing using resources,...
  • Page 34: Unloading Crockery

    NLThe Ministry in essence The Eco 50° program is a very environmentally friendly program and ideal for normally soiled crockery. It is the most efficient program in terms of energy and water consumption for this type of crockery and complies with the EU Ecodesign Regulation.
  • Page 35: Start Program

    The Ministry in essenceNL aWhen the device is operated, Set the desired program start with . flashes on the display. aIn the event of a power failure, the key- impressions. blocking activated. aThe time setting is activated. Tip:The time setting is deactivated by Deactivate key lock pressing repeatedly until "h:00"...
  • Page 36 NLThe Ministry in essence Tip:If you press is pressed, the current program is interrupted. When you switch on the appliance, the program will continue automatically.
  • Page 37: Basic Settings

    Basic settingsNL B asis settings YOU can set up your device according to your needs. Overview of the basic settings The basic settings depend on the equipment of your appliance. Basic setting Display text Description Choise H00 - H07 Set the water softener to the water water hardness hardness.
  • Page 38: Change Basic Settings

    NLHome Connect Basic setting Display text Description Choise "Remote Start", page 39 Remote Start rc0 - rc2 activate or deactivate. The following settings are possible: † With the setting "rc0", the function permanently deactivated. †With the setting "rc1", the func- tie can be selected via the button †...
  • Page 39: Quick Start With Home Connect

    Home Connect The Home Connect app guides you Connect device to WLAN home through the entire registration network (Wi-Fi) process. Follow the instructions in the Conditions Home Connect app to make the †The Home Connect app is on the settings. mobile terminal installed.
  • Page 40: Remote Diagnosis

    NLHome Connect activated and you can start the device software update at any time with a mobile end device. With this function you can update the software of the device, e.g. for Remote Start activate optimizations, correction of errors or for security-relevant updates.
  • Page 41: Declaration Of Conformity

    2014/53/EU. A detailed RED Declaration of Declaration of Conformity Conformity can be found on the Internet at www.siemens-home.bsh- BSH Hausgeräte GmbH hereby declares on the product page of your that the appliance with Home Connect device in the additional documents.
  • Page 42: Machine Cleaning

    To avoid machine cleaners for dishwashers via malfunctions and to reduce the https://www.siemens- formation of unpleasant odors, it is or our recommended to clean the device at service department.
  • Page 43: Sieving System

    Cleaning and maintenanceNL †Make sure that there are no aluminum Sieving System um objects, such as grease filters The sieve system filters coarse from extractor hoods or aluminum contaminants from the flushing circuit. pans, are in the washing area of the appliance.
  • Page 44: Cleaning Spray Arms

    NLCleaning and maintenance Pull the microsieve downwards. Cleaning spray arms Limescale and impurities in the wash water can block the nozzles and bearings of the spray arms. Clean the spray arms regularly. Unscrew the upper spray arm and pull it downwards †...
  • Page 45: Troubleshooting

    TroubleshootingNL s fix disruptions k You can remedy minor faults on the device yourself. Before using contact customer service for information on troubleshooting. This way you avoid unnecessary costs. WARNING Danger of electric shock! Improper repairs are dangerous. Only qualified personnel may carry out repairs on the device. ▶...
  • Page 46 NLTroubleshooting Cause To fix an issue Malfunction E:32-00 lights up alternately Remove the strainer from the inlet hose or water supply indicator lights up. Clean the strainer. Place the strainer in the supply hose. Screw on the water connection. Check the water connection for leaks.
  • Page 47: Washing Result

    TroubleshootingNL Cause To fix an issue Malfunction Press . There is a technical Another error code malfunction. Unplug the appliance from appears in the indicator window. the mains or switch off the fuse. E:01-00 to E:90-10 Wait at least 2 minutes. Plug the appliance into a mains socket or switch on the fuse.
  • Page 48 NLTroubleshooting Cause To fix an issue Malfunction Crockery is not dry. Use rinse aid to improve The combined drying performance. detergent has poor drying performance. Use another combination detergent with better drying performance. Extra dry for enhanced ▶ Activate Extra Dry. drying is not activated.
  • Page 49 TroubleshootingNL Cause To fix an issue Malfunction Food residue on the Crockery is placed too close Arrange the crockery with sufficient crockery. together or the basket is space in between. too full. The spray jets must be able to reach the surface of the dishes.
  • Page 50 NLTroubleshooting Cause To fix an issue Malfunction Detergent dispenser Arrange the dishes in the Residual detergent in the lid is blocked by dishes upper basket in such a way appliance and will not open. that the tablet tray is not blocked by dishes.
  • Page 51 TroubleshootingNL Cause To fix an issue Malfunction There are wipeable or Change the detergent if water-soluble deposits in necessary. the interior or on the ▶ Close the softening salt The softening salt door of the appliance. reservoir. reservoir is not closed. ▶...
  • Page 52 NLTroubleshooting Cause To fix an issue Malfunction There are colored (blue, ▶ Clean the device. A layer is formed by the yellow, brown), hard or components of vegetables You can remove the deposits with a non-removable deposits (cabbage, celery, potatoes, "mechanical cleaning"→Page 41or in the interior of the noodles, ...) or tap water...
  • Page 53 TroubleshootingNL Cause To fix an issue Malfunction There are removable No rinse aid has been "Filling rinse aid", Page ▶ smudges on glasses, added. metallic glassware and Residual detergent is Arrange the dishes in the cutlery. present during the upper basket in such a way rinse cycle section.
  • Page 54: Home Connect Problem

    NLTroubleshooting Cause To fix an issue Malfunction Cutlery also rusts Do not wash rusting objects. ▶ Rust traces on the cutlery. when washed with rusty items. Salinity in the wash water Remove spilled softening salt from is too high. the rinse aid container. Tightly close the lid of the softening salt reservoir.
  • Page 55: Indications On The Display

    TroubleshootingNL Display instructions Cause To fix an issue Malfunction There is no softening ▶ Refill softening salt Fill in "softening salt"→Page 26 Bee. salt. indicator lights up. Do not use softening salt ▶ Sensor does not recognize tablets. softening salt tablets. Set water softening ▶...
  • Page 56: Mechanical Damage

    NLTroubleshooting Cause To fix an issue Malfunction Connect the device to the Device cannot be mains. switched on or operated. Turn on the device. Fuse of the house ▶ Check the fuse of the house The device does not start. installation is not OK.
  • Page 57: Sounds

    TroubleshootingNL Cause To fix an issue Malfunction The lid of the detergent Detergent dispenser or ▶ Remove the detergent residue. dispenser cannot be lid are blocked by build- closed. up of detergent residue. Sounds Cause To fix an issue Malfunction ▶...
  • Page 58: Cleaning The Drain Pump

    NLTransport, storage and disposal Cleaning the drain pump Large food particles or objects can block the drain pump. As soon as the wash water is no longer draining properly, you should clean the drain pump. WARNING Risk of injury! Sharp and pointed objects such as shards of glass can block the drain aThe pump cover clicks audibly pump and cause injuries.
  • Page 59: Making The Device Frost-Resistant

    Transport, storage and disposalNL Frost-proof the device Disposal of your old device If the device is located in a room with a Environmentally friendly disposal risk of frost, e.g. in a holiday home, means that valuable raw materials can empty the device completely. be reused.
  • Page 60: Service

    NLcustomer service Detailed information about the warranty customer service period and warranty conditions in your country can be obtained from our after- If you have any questions, are unable sales service, your dealer or on our to rectify a malfunction of the device website.
  • Page 61: Technical Data

    Technical data †The liability guarantee Disabled access Recorded power applies to the life of the device. gene standby/standby mode: 0.50 W †Condition for entitlement to non-disabled there is a guarantee that the device with condition: 0.50 W AquaStop has been set up and Networked connected professionally and in standby: 2.00 W...
  • Page 62: Source Software

    NLTechnical data up the model. The model identification consists of the slash character of the E-number (E-No.) on the type plate. Alternatively, you will also find the model identifier in the first line of the EU energy label. Information about free software and open source software This product contains software components that are licensed as free...
  • Page 64 BSH Hausgeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Strasse 34 81739 Munich GERMANY Manufactured by BSH Hausgeräte GmbH under trademark license from Siemens AG * 9001466340* 9001466340 (000506) 650 V1...

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