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Taking A First Look; Intelligent Remote Control - Philips ProntoPro User Manual

Intelligent remote control
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Taking a First Look

Intelligent Remote Control

The Intelligent Remote Control can be used for most devices that understand infrared (IR) remote control signals. Its easy-
to-use touch screen with 256 colors and its intuitive interface makes it a perfect remote control for every user.
The Remote Control (RC) is completely customizable. In the memory of the Remote Control, RC codes are stored to
activate different brands for all kinds of video and audio devices. The Remote Control is set up by default to operate with
Philips or Marantz devices. When you have other brands, you simply define the brands of your devices when you use the
Remote Control for the first time.
The Remote Control can also learn RC codes from existing remote controls. It is designed to add devices and functions,
relabel buttons, record macros and set timers. With the ProntoPro Edit software you create your own control panels and
define your personal look.
If you want to operate devices from a distance or from an adjacent room, you can use the Remote Control with radio
frequency (RF) signals and an RF Extender.
The Appliance
Battery compartment
Taking a First Look
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Learning eye
Battery cover
Sending eye
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Action buttons
Serial port
Connection to the docking station
Contrast dial
256 color LCD touch screen
Direct-access buttons
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