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Taking A First Look; Pronto Ng: The Home Theatre Control Panel - Philips Pronto NG User Manual

Home theatre control panel
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Taking a First Look

Pronto NG:
The Home Theatre Control Panel
Pronto NG is a Home Theatre Control Panel that allows maximum flexibility and
customisation for even the most sophisticated home entertainment system. It can
control almost any device that works with infrared (IR) remote control signals.
Its intuitive interface makes it a perfect remote control for every user.
Pronto NG is easy to configure. It contains a huge universal database where
IR codes are stored to control different brands for all kinds of video, audio devices
and even home automation equipment. By default Pronto NG is set up to control
Philips and Marantz devices. For other brands you simply choose the brands of
your devices when you use Pronto NG for the first time.
Pronto NG offers you some extra powerful features:
You can create and edit macros, allowing you to send a series of commands
with one single touch.
You can set timers for certain actions to be carried out at predefined times,
e.g. switching on your lights or recording your favourite daily TV-show with
your VCR.
You can choose to have Pronto NG working with radio frequency (RF) signals to
operate devices from a distance or from an adjacent room. To do this, you
need an optional RF Extender that converts Pronto NG RF signals into IR
With ProntoEdit NG software you can create your own screens and define a
personal look. ProntoEdit NG's Online Help system (accessible via the 'Help' icon in
ProntoEdit NG) will guide you through the process.
See 'ProntoEdit NG' on page 49 for more information. You can find ProntoEdit NG
on the included CD-ROM and on the Philips website In
the Downloads section of the website you can also find the latest upgrades for
your Pronto NG software.
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