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Call Park; Call Back; Call Join - Cisco 7912 User Manual

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Call Park:

Call Back:

Call Join:

This allows you to park an active call and then retrieve it using
another phone within your phone system.
To Activate: 1. During an active call, press the More Softkey
until you see the Park tab.
2. Press the Park Softkey to park the call. The
LCD displays the number where the call is
3. Make a note of the Call Park number and hang
4. To retrieve the parked call, go to any phone on
campus and dial the Call Park number.
Notifies you that a previously dialed on-campus number (with a
busy tone) is now available.
To Activate: 1. When you receive a busy tone, press the
CallBack Softkey. The phone will indicate that
Callback has been initiated against the DN just
called. You are now free to make any other call.
2. Once the far end goes idle your set will play a
special ring tone to let you know that the DN
has become available and a new "Dial" Softkey
will be displayed. Press it and it will redial the
original number for you.
If you are on an active call and a second call is received, you can
"join" both lines into a conference call.
To Activate: While on an active call, a second call comes into
your line. You can press the Answer Softkey to
answer the second call. This places the first caller
on hold. If you want to join the call press the
Confrn Softkey once to initiate the conference, then
again to connect the two calls together.

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Table of Contents

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