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Distinctive Ring Per Line Appearance; Call Pickup; Fast Dials - Cisco 7912 User Manual

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Distinctive Ring Per Line appearance:

Call Pickup:

Fast Dials:

To Setup:
Allows you to answer calls to other phones within a designated call
pickup group.
To Activate: 1. As the phone rings at the extension within your
call pick-up group, pick up your handset to get
dial tone on your line.
2. Press the More Softkey to view the PickUp
3. Press the PickUp Softkey to transfer the call to
your extension.
4. Answer the incoming call that is redirected to
your phone by pressing the Answer Softkey.
Allows you to pre-program up to 99 frequently dialed #'s from
your phone.
To set up:
Go to the services screen on your phone, and select
My Fast Dials. Select the Assign softkey, then
toggle to the key you want to assign and press the
Select softkey. Now enter in the number you want
to program. Remember to put 9 or 91 in front of the
number if you are calling off campus. Once you
have entered the number press the Submit softkey,
you should get a message that tells you your fast
dial has been successfully assigned, select the Ok
softkey, and you are done.
To Use:
Go to the services screen on your phone, and select
My Fast Dials. Toggle to the Fast Dial you want to
dial, the press the Dial softkey.
Allows you to set distinctive rings on each
line appearance that you have on your phone
(7960 sets only).
1. Press the Settings button on your phone.
2. Select #2 Ring Type.
3. Scroll down to the line appearance you
want to change and hit the Select
4. Select one of seven different ring
settings by highlighting the ring type you
want, then hit the Select Softkey, and
then the Ok Softkey.

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Table of Contents

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