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Supported Features At The University Of Wyoming; Call Waiting; Call Forward; Call Transfer - Cisco 7912 User Manual

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Supported Features at the University of Wyoming

Call Waiting:

Call Forward:

Call Transfer:

Gives you the ability to answer two calls at once.
1. Answer call #1, then the second call will present itself
on the display and the phone will beep once in your ear.
If you choose to Answer the second call, press the
Answer Softkey, which answers the second call and
places the first caller on hold.
2. To toggle between the two callers use the Hold Softkey
and the Resume Softkey.
Allows you to manually forward all calls coming into your set.
You can forward to an IP phone or non-IP phone.
To Activate: 1. Press the CFwdAll Softkey
2. Dial the number to which you want to forward
all calls.
To Cancel:
1. Press the CFwdAll Softkey
Allows you to transfer a call to another on-campus telephone
number. Calls cannot be transferred off-campus.
To Activate:
1. With a call in progress, press the Trnsfer
2. Dial the number to which you are transferring
the call.
3. When you hear ringing, press the Trnsfer
again, or when the party answers, announce the
call and press Trnsfer.
4. Hang up to end your participation in the call.
Special Note: To abandon the transfer, press the
End Call Softkey which disconnects the transfer
and places the original caller on hold.

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Table of Contents

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