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AEG HES 4890 DVB-T/DVD Instruction Manual: Antenna Connection

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Connect Audio Cable
Use of Headphones
(Fig. 2/23)
Connection of other
Playback Devices

Antenna Connection

Coaxial Digital
To transfer the digital audio signal, connect the coaxial cable
to your playback unit or amplifier.
Plug the audio plug into the connector at the rear of your
Plug the audio plug into the respective connector of your
playback unit or amplifier. Select "Audio Setup" in the menu,
then "Audio Out" in the sub-menu
Setup". Please consult the operating manual of the con-
nected device for correct settings.
For utilization of headphones select headphones featuring
a ,5 mm stereo-jack plug, and plug it into the headphone
connection (PHONES). This will turn off the speakers on
the unit.
Adjust the volume VOL+/- using the volume buttons (Fig.
1/4, 5 / /, ).
Do not adjust the headphone volume too loud. This may
be hazardous to your hearing and you may endanger oth-
ers and yourself.
Adjust to a low volume to avoid disrupting your surround-
If you suffer from tinnitus, keep volume to a minimum or
refrain from use of this unit.
Otologists advise a against long term use of headphones
over an extended period of time.
To project a picture from another projection device, (i.e.
digital camera); onto the LCD screen connect the chinch
cable to the respective connector on the unit (Fig. /) and
the other end to the projection device.
Following, select the AV IN mode by pressing the ATV/FM/
AV key (Fig. /1).
You may also select the AV IN mode by pressing the
SOURCE key (Fig. 1/).
Antenna Access (Fig. 2/20)
Please ensure that reception of DVB-T signals is possible in
your residential area. Broadcast information is available on
the Internet under:, or at
your specialty dealer.
This unit features an integrated DVB-T receiver.
You must connect your fixed house antenna to receive digital
terrestrial programs with the integrated DVB-receiver.
In the event your broadcasting area is located within the net-
work core you may use an optional passive or active DVB-T
page 66, "Audio



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