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Hoover Ultra User Manual: Using The Tools; Cleaning Carpeted Stairs

Deep cleaner.
Hide thumbs


Move speed selector to the Lo or Hl
position for scrubbing or OFF if
scrubbing is not desired.
Dry hands and plug deep cleaner into
a properly grounded outlet.
Step on handle release pedal and lower
handle to operating position; turn deep
cleaner ON.
To release solution, press trigger. Slowly
move deep cleaner forward and back-
ward over area to be cleaned.
To pick up dirty solution, release trigger
and slowly move deep cleaner over
area where solution has just been dis-
persed. Use both forward and reverse
Empty recovery tank when the motor
sound becomes higher pitched and
there is a loss in suction (see
"Automatic shut-off", page 7)
When finished cleaning, follow "After
cleaning" instructions on pages 9-10.
Remove attachment from nozzle and
rinse in clear water. Do not remove
plastic screen or foam from attach-
Before using tool
It may be necessary to remove air from
the system ("prime the pump") so the
clean solution will flow to the tool. Follow
these steps:
1. Attach tool to hose and turn the deep
cleaner ON.
2.Put the tool on a hard surface or
against your hand to block off the suc-
3. Wait a few seconds (can take up to
15 seconds). Then squeeze the trigger
and begin cleaning.
Follow the instructions on pages 11-12
for the appropriate cleaning task.
Hose length may require that machine
be placed at the top of the stairs to clean
upper half of stairway and at bottom of
stairs to clean lower half.
To prevent machine from falling, use
extra caution when cleaning on stairs.
Do not place deep cleaner on stairs.
Do not point tools toward people or
pets. Dry hands and plug deep cleaner
into a properly grounded outlet.

Using the tools

The powered hand tool (Ultra models)
has rotating brushes for extra scrubbing
action on small carpet areas, carpeted
stairs and upholstery.
The stair/upholstery nozzle has a built-in
brush to help provide the scrubbing
action some spots may need for
The car cleaning tool (Plus models) can
be used for carpet and upholstery in
How to attach tool
Disconnect deep cleaner from electri-
cal outlet.
Place handle in upright position and
remove hose from rack.
Connect powered hand tool (A) or
stair/upholstery nozzle or car
cleaning tool (B) to end of hose by
sliding it onto connector until the tab (C)
locks it securely.
Using your thumb, push forward and
up on the latch (D) to remove tool as
Follow the instructions on pages 11-12
for the appropriate cleaning task.
After using tool
1. Follow steps a and b for "After clean-
ing" on page 9.
2. Rinse tool and hose by filling sink
with a small amount of water. Turn
deep cleaner ON and pickup the
water with the tool.
3. Drain hose by turning deep
cleaner ON and holding end of
hose up for several seconds. Do not
press trigger.
4. Disconnect deep cleaner from electri-
cal outlet.
5. Drain solution tube (located inside
hose) by pointing end of hose in sink
and pressing trigger.
6. Proceed with steps c, d, and e, for
"After cleaning" on page 9.
Cleaning carpeted
Read "Before you begin cleaning"
Instructions on page 9.
Place handle in upright position.
Agitator brushes will not rotate while
handle Is in upright position.
Fill clean solution tank with HOOVER
Carpet/Upholstery Detergent according
to instructions on pages 7 and 8. Attach
tool to end of hose.
Turn deep cleaner ON.
Pre-spray the carpeted stair by
holding the tool (A) or (B) about
one inch above the carpet and push it
forward while pressing the trigger
(equals one wet stroke).
Position tool against the riser and slightly
p ress it into carpet pile. Press the trigger
and pull the tool s l ow ly over the carpet
( s e c o n d wet stroke). Release trigger at end
of stroke.



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