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Maintenance - Husqvarna FOREST AND GARDEN HUV4210-E Owner's Manual

Electric and gasoline
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1. Restore fuel system to operation (Figure 32, Page 48).
1.1. Remove plug from fuel tank vent.
1.2. Connect vent tube to fuel tank vent.
2. Connect battery cables, positive (+) cable first, and tighten terminals to 12 ft-lb (16 N·m).
3. Completely open the fuel shut-off valve (Figure 17). Make sure the valve is fully open. A partially closed
fuel shut-off valve (Figure 18) combined with the use of the choke can result in a fouled spark plug and
engine failure.
4. Place the Forward/Reverse handle in the NEUTRAL position. Crank the engine until fuel is pumped into the
carburetor and fuel lines and the engine starts. Turn the engine off. See following NOTE.
NOTE: Due to the oil added to the engine in preparation for storage, engine may smoke excessively for a
short time when it is run for the first time after storage.
5. Adjust tires to recommended tire pressure. See Vehicle Specifications on page 50.
6. Perform the Pre-Operation and Daily Safety Checklist on page 20.


See General Warnings on page 10.
To ensure trouble-free vehicle performance, it is very important to follow an established preventive mainte-
nance program. Regular and consistent vehicle maintenance can prevent vehicle downtime and expensive
repairs that can result from neglect. Use the Pre-Operation and Daily Safety Checklist on page 20 and the fol-
lowing Periodic Service Schedules and Periodic Lubrication Schedules to keep the vehicle in proper working
Any vehicle not functioning correctly should be removed from use until it is properly repaired. This will prevent
further damage to the vehicle and avoid the possibility of injury due to unsafe conditions.
Contact your local Husqvarna distributor/dealer to perform all repairs and semiannual and annual periodic ser-
• If any problems are found during scheduled inspection or service, do not operate the vehicle
until repairs are made. Failure to make necessary repairs could result in fire, property
damage, severe personal injury, or death.
• Only trained technicians should service or repair the vehicle or battery charger. Anyone doing
even simple repairs or service should have knowledge and experience in electrical and
mechanical repair. The appropriate instructions must be used when performing maintenance,
service, or accessory installation.
Electric vehicles:
• Hot! Do not attempt to service hot motor. Attempting to do so could cause severe burns.
• To avoid unintentionally starting the vehicle, disconnect the batteries as shown (Figure 2,
Page 12).
• After disconnecting the batteries, wait 90 seconds for the controller capacitors to discharge.
• After disconnecting the batteries, wait 90 seconds for the controller capacitors to discharge.
2008 Husqvarna 4210-G, 4210-E, 4210-GXP, and 4210-EXP Owner's Manual
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents