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Brake Pedal - Husqvarna FOREST AND GARDEN HUV4210-E Owner's Manual

Electric and gasoline
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The brake pedal is the large pedal on the left with the word STOP molded into it (Figure 9). To slow or stop
the vehicle, press the brake pedal with your foot (Figure 10).
Figure 10 Brake Pedal
The park brake pedal is the small raised portion in the upper left corner of the brake pedal. It has the word
PARK molded into it and the words PARK BRAKE marked on top of it (Figure 10). To set the park brake,
press the brake pedal firmly and tilt the park brake portion of the pedal forward with your foot (Figure 11). See
following WARNING.
• The park brake will release automatically when either the accelerator or brake pedal is
pressed. The park brake has multiple locking positions and should be firmly pressed and
locked to prevent the vehicle from rolling.
Electric Vehicles Only
Electric vehicles feature a dash-mounted warning light (to the right of the key switch) that, when the vehicle is
in operation, indicates low battery voltage or, when the vehicle is being charged, indicates a charging prob-
lem. The warning light is controlled by the onboard computer.
When the vehicle is in operation, the warning light will illuminate and remain illuminate if:
• Batteries' voltage drops below 48 volts when there is no load on the batteries (the vehicle is stopped
and there are no accessories on).
• Batteries have discharged to less than 25% of rated capacity.
If the warning light illuminates when the vehicle is operating, there will be enough power remaining to drive the
vehicle for approximately 30 minutes. However, the vehicle should be charged at the first opportunity. If the
warning light illuminates and the vehicle is unable to operate for 30 minutes, have your Husqvarna distributor/
dealer check the vehicle for a possible battery or electrical system problem.
When the batteries receive an incomplete charge because 1) the DC power cord is disconnected, 2) AC
power to the charger is interrupted, 3) automatic charger shut-off occurs after 16 hours of operation, or 4) the
charger malfunctions, the warning light will indicate as follows:
2008 Husqvarna 4210-G, 4210-E, 4210-GXP, and 4210-EXP Owner's Manual
Controls and Indicators
Figure 11 Park Brake Pedal
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents