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Towing With The Vehicle - Husqvarna FOREST AND GARDEN HUV4210-E Owner's Manual

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• Do not load the tailgate. The tailgate should be in the upright position and latched securely
while the vehicle is in motion.
• To help avoid shifting the vehicle load and possibly overturning the vehicle, avoid sudden
starts, sudden stops, and abrupt turns.
• The cargo's center of gravity may affect the handling, steering, and braking of the vehicle.
When the vehicle is loaded, reduce speed and drive slowly in turns.
• To help prevent cargo from shifting and possibly injuring a passenger or affecting the
vehicle's handling, make sure cargo is well secured.
• Avoid top-heavy loads. The center of gravity of a load should never exceed 15 inches (38 cm)
above the bottom of the cargo bed.
• Unload cargo bed before raising vehicle with a lift, hoist, or jack.
When loading the vehicle, center and secure cargo as far forward as possible in the cargo bed. Do not over-
load the vehicle. See the following chart for vehicle capacities.
Maximum payload capacity
(Cargo bed load plus gross trailer weight)
Maximum vehicle capacity
(Cargo bed load, passengers, plus gross trailer weight)
Trailer tongue weight
Maximum payload capacity must be reduced accordingly when any option or accessory is installed on the


• Do not tow a vehicle or trailer on public streets or highways.
• Normal vehicle operating speed should be reduced when towing.
• Extreme caution should be used when towing.
• Total vehicle capacity, including the tow vehicle load rating and the gross weight of the
vehicle or trailer being towed should not exceed the weight previously specified.
• Do not allow riders in the vehicle or trailer being towed.
• Avoid sudden starts, sudden stops, and tight turns when towing.
• Avoid stopping on a hill when towing. If you must stop on a hill, avoid sudden starts or rolling
backwards and stopping suddenly. Failure to heed this warning could cause the vehicle to
overturn, possibly resulting in severe personal injury.
Because towing a vehicle or trailer can have an adverse effect on vehicle handling, be especially cautious
when towing with an HUV4210 vehicle. See the preceding chart for vehicle capacities.
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2008 Husqvarna 4210-G, 4210-E, 4210-GXP, and 4210-EXP Owner's Manual
Towing with the Vehicle
300 lb.
(136 kg)
800 lb.
(363 kg)
150 lb. force
(667 N)
300 lb.
(136 kg)
800 lb.
(363 kg)
150 lb. force
(667 N)


Table of Contents

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