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HP J3178A Hardware Installation Manual: Testing The Switch's Ports And The Links

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Testing the Switch's Ports and the Links

To test the switch's ports and the attached network links, follow these
Check for link beat detection on the port. When the switch first
detects the link beat signal (also called "link test pulse signal") coming
from an active device, the port LED comes ON for approximately 3
seconds. This happens whenever the switch is powered on and an active
device that is sending link beat is connected to the port, or the connected
device is powered on, or the switch is powered on and an active network
cable is plugged in to the port.
In its default configuration, the switch indicates the link status for 3
seconds on its 10 Mbit/s port LEDs and then converts them to displaying
network activity on the port. (The 100 Mbit/s port always operate this
way.) You can configure the 10 Mbit/s port LEDs to continuously indicate
the link status and not convert to activity indicators. This configuration
option is on the System configuration screen under the Configuration
menu on the switch console interface. See "System Configuration" in
chapter 4, "Configuring the Switch From the Console".
Run network communication tests. Use these tests if you have link
beat detected for a port. Choose one of the following ways to run a test
of the network communication between the switch and an addressable
device connected at the remote end of each of the cables you wish to test:
Select Link Test from HP AdvanceStack Assistant's Network Test
function or the switch console's Advanced Commands option. This
causes the switch to send IEEE 802.2 Test command packets to a
specified network device.
The device must be able to send an IEEE 802.2 Test response packet
upon receipt of a Test command packet. Usually this would be
another network device such as a hub, switch, or router. You specify
the remote device by its 12-digit hexadecimal MAC address.
Select Ping Test. This is a network layer test that you can run on TCP/
IP networks. The switch sends ICMP Echo Request packets to a
specified network device. This works with devices that have an IP
address and are able to respond to an ICMP Echo Request packet.
Most end nodes using IP will respond to this packet. You specify the
remote device by its IP address.
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