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Setting And Unsetting The System; Setting The System; Before Setting The System; Full Setting The System - Honeywell Galaxy 16 User Manual

Honeywell security system user guide
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Setting the System

Before Setting the System

Before the system is Set ensure that:
• All doors and windows are secured.
• All areas protected by movement detectors are free from obstructions and any animals
are excluded from the areas to be protected.

Full Setting the System

Enter your User Code and press the A key:
• If all the system zones are closed when the setting routine is initiated the keypad sounders
will emit a continuous tone and the keypad displays the Exit Time countdown blocks.
• If any zones are open (for example: protected doors or windows; or if someone activates
a movement detector when the setting process is started) then the keypad sounders
pulse rapidly and the keypad displays which zones are open. Closing the open zones
allows the setting routine to restart.
Leave the building using the agreed Exit Route. Close and lock the Final Exit Door and then, if
fitted, operate the Exit Terminator; the horn outputs and the keypad buzzers become silent for
four seconds, the countdown blocks all clear and the keypad buzzers emit two long tones to
confirm that the system is Set. On the keypad the message SYSTEM IS SET appears before
the display goes blank.
The setting routine can be aborted, before the system sets, by pressing the esc key on the keypad
used to initiate the setting routine.

Part Setting the System

Your alarm system can be Part Set using the B key. To Part Set the system enter your User
Code then press the B key. The keypad then displays the Set/Unset status of those parts
assigned to your code, see Figure 2 Part Setting Options.
Figure 2: Part Setting Options.
Part Set options for user code
with Parts 1 and 3 assigned.
Part 1 is unset, Part 3 is set.


Table of Contents

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