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Cancelling System Setting; Unsetting; Cancelling An Alarm; Alert Conditions - Honeywell GALAXY 16103 User Manual

Programmable alarm control panel
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Cancelling System Setting

The Full, Part and Night setting routines can be cancelled, before the system sets, by pressing
the esc key on the keypad used to begin the setting routine. To cancel the setting routine on
another keypad, type in your user PIN code and press A> or ent.


To unset the system, enter the protected area by the agreed route. A timed entry period will
begin and a pulsed tone will sound.
Type your user code
then press [ent]*.
* NOTE: Unsetting using a keypad may not be possible on DD243 compliant systems.

Cancelling an Alarm

The process for cancelling an alarm is similar to unsetting the system. However, if a wireless
keyfob or prox tag has been used, the alarms must be viewed on a keypad by typing in a user
code and following the on-screen instructions. Only certain users are able to reset the system
following an alarm condition. You installer will inform you which users have this ability.

Alert Conditions

If a fault condition occurs when the system is unset, an 'Alert!' message will be shown on the
keypad accompanied by an intermittent beep. If this occurs, you should go to the nearest
keypad and type in your PIN code and press ent. The keypad display will show what has
happened. The scroll keys A> and B< should be used to scroll through the message screens. If
the condition has cleared, pressing ent or esc will reset the fault condition. A fault condition
cannot be reset if it has not cleared or if it has not been viewed by a user.
If you cannot clear the fault condition yourself, always call the installer for advice.

Setting and Unsetting Groups

It is possible to split the alarm system into separate areas or 'Groups' that can be set and unset
independently. Different users can be given access to only certain groups, or to all groups.
Also, individual users can be given the option of simply setting and unsetting all groups
assigned to their code or choosing which groups to set or unset each time.

Setting and Unsetting Without Group Choice

When a user with access to multiple Groups, but no group choice, wants to set or unset, they
should follow the standard procedures on the previous pages.
Wireless Keyfob:
Press the [OFF] button.
Prox Tag:
Hold the tag in front
of the prox symbol.


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