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Option 10 - Time; Selecting The Time Option; Operation Of The Time Option - Honeywell Galaxy 16 User Manual

Honeywell security system user guide
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To quickly move through the log enter a three digit number between 001 and 250 followed by
the # key. The system will jump to the event number entered.
To exit from the Log option press the esc key.
Option 10 – Time
The Time option allows the system manager (User 14) to modify the four time features of the
system, these are:
• Time (hr:min)
• Date (dd/mm/yy)
• Start Summer (dd/mm) – the date that summer time begins (clocks go forwards).
• End Summer (dd/mm) – the date that summer time ends (clocks go backwards).

Selecting the Time Option

Enter your User Code and press the ent key. Press the B key until the Time option is displayed
then press the ent key.

Operation of the Time Option

On selecting the Time option 1=TIME is displayed. If the time requires to be modified press the
ent key and enter the time (this is a four digit number and must be a valid time between 00:00
and 23:59). Press the ent key to accept the programming and esc to cancel.
To change one of the other time features use the A or B keys to select the required option and
follow the same procedure as for modifying the Time option.
To exit from the Time option press the esc key.



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