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Omitting Zones; Setting With Omitted Zones; Option 2 - Chime; Selecting The Chime Option - Honeywell Galaxy 16 User Manual

Honeywell security system user guide
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Omitting Zones

When the Omit option is selected, zone 01 is displayed, along with it's omit eligibility and
status (NON OMITTABLE – the zone cannot be omitted; #,xx OMIT – the zone is omittable
(where xx is the zone number); OMIT – the zone is currently omitted).
If the zone is currently omitted then the box on the top line of the display is filled; if zone is not
currently omitted then the box is empty.
If the zone can be omitted and the omit status is to be changed, press the # key. The display
indicates the new omit status of the zone. Use the A or B keys to view and select other zones.

Setting with Omitted Zones

Once the required zones have been selected for omission press the ent key. The system begins
to set with the selected zones omitted, the keypad display indicates how many zones have
been omitted. The zones remain omitted until the system is unset.
To save the omit status of the zones press the esc key. The selected zones remain omitted
allowing the system to be set, with the zones omitted, at a later time. The zones remain omitted
until the next time the system is unset or the zones are manually unomitted.
Option 2 – Chime
This option allows the user to assign the Chime function to the zones on the system. Any zone
with the Chime function enabled momentarily activates the keypad buzzers each time the zone
is opened.

Selecting the Chime Option

Enter your User Code and press the 2 key.
On selecting the Chime option the first zone is displayed along with its chime status (enabled
or disabled). Pressing the # key changes the chime status of the zone.
Press the A or B keys to view and program the other zones on the system.
Press the ent key to accept the programming or esc to cancel.
Option 3 – Walk
The Walk option allows the user to Walk test the zones on the system ensuring that they are
operating correctly.

Selecting the Walk Option

Enter your User Code and press the 3 key.



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