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Unsetting The System; Normal Entry; Slow Entry; Straying From The Entry Route - Honeywell Galaxy 16 User Manual

Honeywell security system user guide
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The Parts marked 'ON' are Set, those marked 'OFF' are Unset. To alter the set/unset status of a
Part press the number corresponding to that part, that is, pressing the 1 key toggles the set
status of Part 1 between set/unset.
The equals sign denotes that what is displayed beside the Part number is the current status of
the Part, that is, P1=ON denotes that Part 1 is currently set. Pressing the 1 key will cause the
display to read P1 OFF, this means that Part 1 is now provisionally programmed as Unset.
The actual set status of the part will not be altered until the ent key is pressed to accept the
Once the ent key has been pressed leave the building using the agreed exit route. Close and
lock the final exit door and then operate the exit terminator; the horn outputs and the keypad
buzzers become silent for four seconds, the countdown blocks on the keypad display all clear
and the keypad buzzers emit two long tones to confirm that the system is set. On the keypad
the message SYSTEM IS SET appears before the display goes blank.
The setting routine can be aborted, before the system sets, by pressing the esc key on the
keypad used to initiate the setting routine.
Note: If the Silent Part Set facility has been enabled only the keypad display indicates the
setting status, that is, no audible tones are emitted.

Unsetting the System

Normal Entry

The system begins the unsetting routine whenever a Final door opens or an Exit/Entry zone is
activated. The keypad buzzers pulse slowly indicating that the Entry Time countdown has
To unset the system, go directly to the keypad using the agreed entry route, enter your code
and press the ent key.
Note: On some systems, unsetting may alternatively be achieved, by swiping a proximity card
at the card reader.

Slow Entry

The keypad sounder begins to pulse rapidly after 75% of the entry time has expired to indicate
that time is running short. If the entry time expires before a valid user code is entered, a full
alarm occurs.

Straying From The Entry Route

If, during the entry routine, you stray from the agreed entry route and activate a zone in a protected
area an audible alarm occurs.


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