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Option 5 - Test; Selecting The Test Option; Operation Of The Test Option; Option 9 - Log - Honeywell Galaxy 16 User Manual

Honeywell security system user guide
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Option 5 – Test
The Test option allows the Manager Code (User 14) to test the Bell and Strobe outputs on the

Selecting the Test Option

Enter the Manager Code and press the 5 key.

Operation of the Test Option

On selecting the Test option 5 BELLS is displayed. If the bells are to be tested press the #
key. Any output programmed as Bells will activate. To end the test repress the # key.
Pressing the A key will display 6 STROBE. If the strobes are to be tested press the # key. To
end the test repress the # key.
To exit from the Test option press the esc key.
Option 9 – Log
The Log option permits the system manager (User 14) to view the events stored in the system log.

Selecting the Log Option

Enter the Manager Code and press the 9 key.

The Event Log

Once the Log option has been selected the current date is displayed. To view the Event Log
press the A key to advance through the log or the B key to move backwards through the log.
Figure 4 shows the Event Log display.
The log event displays the event type, time, descriptor and number. Also displayed is the
activation (+) and deactivation (–) signaller.
To display the date of the event currently being displayed press the # key. Pressing the # key
again returns the display to the event details.
Event time
Event type
09:57 STAR KEY+
Event descriptor
Figure 4: Viewing the Event Log.
Event activation/
deactivation signaler
Event number


Table of Contents

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