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Option 4 - Codes; Selecting The Codes Option; Assigning Modifying And Deleting User Codes - Honeywell Galaxy 16 User Manual

Honeywell security system user guide
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On selecting the Walk option zone 01 is displayed. If the zone is to be tested press the # key.
Use the A or B keys to scroll through the zones on the system, each one may be selected for
inclusion in the test. When all the required zones have been selected press the ent key to start
the Walk Test.
The keypad displays the number of Walk Test zones currently open on the system. Pressing
the A or B keys allows the currently open zones to be viewed.
Walk test the selected zones by activating the appropriate sensor (movement detector, door
switch, etc). When the Walk Test is complete return to the keypad. The display shows the
number of test zones that are currently open. Press the # key to toggle the keypad display
between showing the number of test zones currently open and the number of zones registered
as tested.
To terminate the Walk Test press the esc key.
Note: If the esc key is not pressed the Walk Test remains active for 20 minutes after the last
key press.
Option 4 – Codes
The Codes option enables authorised users to allocate, modify and delete the 14 user codes
(PINs) on the system, as well as assign and modify user attributes. Only users with the Modify
Codes attribute enabled can carry out these functions.

Selecting the Codes option

Enter your User Code and press the 4 key.

Assigning Modifying and Deleting User Codes

Once the Codes option is selected the user code assignment of User 1 is displayed. If the box
next to CODE is filled then a PIN has been assigned, if it is blank then no PIN has been as-
User Number
Option Selections
Use the A or B keys to select a user number and press the ent key.
To assign or modify a user PIN enter a four digit number. Press the
incorrectly entered. When the required four digit code is displayed press the ent key.
If a User Code is to be deleted press the
Figure 3: Menu Option 4 – Codes.
key four times followed by the ent key.
User Code
Assigned Indicator
key to erase any digits



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