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Kenwood VR-605 Instruction Manual

Audio video surround receiver
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This instruction
manual is for some models. Model availability
and features
may differ depending
on the country and sales area.
About the supplied remote control
Compared to standard remote controls, the remote control supplred wrth thus recerver has several
operatron modes. These modes enable the remote control to control other audio/vrdeo components.
order to effectrvely use the remote control it IS Important to read the operatrng instructions and obtain a
proper understandrng of the remote control and how to swatch Its operatron modes (etc.).
Usrng the remote control wrthout completely understanding Its design and how to switch the operation
modes may result rn Incorrect operatrons
(K, P, T, M, Y, X, E2) $b:v:: 0109


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 KENWOOD AUDIO VIDEO SURROUND RECEIVER VR-605 VR-615 KRF-V5060D KRFW4060D KRFW5560D INSTRUCTION MANUAL KENWOOO CORPORATION This instruction manual is for some models. Model availability and features (functions) may differ depending on the country and sales area. About the supplied remote control Compared to standard remote controls, the remote control supplred wrth thus recerver has several operatron modes.
  • Page 2 Artrcle 820-40 of the NEC that provrdes gurdelrnes for proper groundrng and, rn particular, specrfres that the cable ground shall be Asan ENERGYSTAR@P~~~~~~, Kenwood connected to the groandrng system of the burlding, as close to the pornt of cable entry as practrcal...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    If your unrt was shopped to you drrectly, ponents .,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,......,...,..,..,..32 notrfy your shrpper rmmedrately Kenwood recommend that you retarn DVD player operation keys the orrgrnal carton and packrng materials in case you need to move or shop CASSETTE deck, CD player & MD recorder the unrt rn the future.
  • Page 4: How To Use This Manual

    Before em/vim the Dower How to use this manual Dolby Digital The DOLBY DIGITAL mode lets you enjoy full drgrtal surround from This manual is drvided Into four sections, Preparations, Operations, software processed in the Dolby Drgrtal format Dolby Drgrtal provrdes up Remote Control, and Additional Informatron.
  • Page 5 0 SOUND key 0 POWER ON/STANDBY (0 ) key Use to adjust the sound qualrty and the ambr- @ AUTO key (For VR-605/615) - 17 Use to change “TAPE” r&cation to “MD”. ence effects. Use to turn the power ON/STANDBY...
  • Page 6: Names And Functions Of Parts

    Names and functions of parts Remote control unit (RER0621) (l/t?-605/KRF- V406OWV556OD) and (RC-RO620) (VR-615/KRF- l&MOD) If the name of a function is different the receiver and on the remote control, the name of the remote control key in this manual is indicated in parentheses. 63 -PAGE-UP key 0 AIB key 0 Numeric keys...
  • Page 7 Names and functions of Darts Remote control unit (RC-R0623) (KRF- V406ODiV556OD) and (RC-RO622) (KRF- V50600) (For the U.K. and Europe only) If the name of a function is different the name of the remote control key in this manual is indicated in parentheses. 0 Numeric keys -&...
  • Page 8: Setting Up The System

    Setting up the system Make connections as shown in the following pages. Input mode settings When connecting the related system components, sure to refer to the instruction manuals supplied with CD/DVD, VIDEO2 and DVD or DVD/GCH (VR-615/KRF-V5060D only) Inputs each Include jacks for drgrtal audio Input and analog audro the components you are connecting.
  • Page 9: Connecting Audrocomponents

    Setting up the system Connecting audio components Shape of AC outlets 1 USA.andCanada SYSTEM CONTROL jacks -2%. To AC wall outlet Video component ,------ ‘0 mm-- CD or DVD player [For W-605/615/ KRF-V4060Dl V5560D and KRF-V5060D Moving coil (MC) cartridge (except for the record player cannot be used...
  • Page 10: Connectrng Vrdeo Components

    Setting up the system Connecting video components KRF-V4060D/ VIDEO Video inputs (Yellow RCA pin cords) Video Audlo IN/OUT IN/OUT Video deck Video inputs and Audio Inputs outputs and outputs (Yellow RCA pin cords) ----E-I DVD player or LD player DVD player or LD player A video component with digital audio outputs should be connected...
  • Page 11: Digital Connectrons

    Optlcal fiber cable ao-- CD or DVD player To connect an LD player with a DIGITAL RF OUT, connect the LD player to the KENWOOD RF digital demodulator (DEM-9991D). Next, connect the DIGITAL OUT jacks of the demodulator to the DIGITAL IN jacks of the receiver.
  • Page 12 Setting up the system Connecting a DVD player (6-channel input) (For VR-~WKRF--115060~ on/y) If you have connected a DVD player to the recetver wth digital connectlon, be sure to read the “Input mode sattlngs” sectlon carefully ‘1 j_“‘^ VIDEO OUT FRONT SURROUND SUBWOOFER...
  • Page 13: Connectrng The Speakers

    Setting up the system Connecting the speakers Front Speakers Right Left c=%f=A Center Speaker SURROUND SPEAKERS (8-160) Powered Right Left Subwoofer sub woofer Surround Speakers (For i/R-605/ KRF-V5060W (Be sure to connect both V4060D) surround speakers) 13EN...
  • Page 14: Connecting The Terminals

    Setting up the system Connecting the antennas Connecting the terminals AM loop antenna 0 Strip coating. Q Push the lever. The supplred loop antenna IS for use Indoors. Place It as far as possrble from the recerver, TV set, speaker cords and power cord, and adjust the drrectron for best receptron AM antenna terminal connections Push lever.
  • Page 15 ! Do not connect system control cords to any components other than those specrfred by KENWOOD. It may cause a malfunctron and damage your equrpment 3 Be sure the system control plugs are Inserted all the way rn to the system control terminals.
  • Page 16: Preparing The Remote Control

    Setting up the system Preparing the remote Contras batteries Speaker placement Loading the 0 Remove the cover. Insert the batteries. 0 Close the cover. Front speakers : Place to the front left and right of the lrstenrng position. Front speakers are required for all surround modes Center speaker: Place front and center.
  • Page 17: Preparing For Surround Sound

    CINEMA EQ when subwoofer is selected, you wrll be able to a Turn on the power to this receiver by pressing POWER ON/ hear sound from the subwoofer. STANDBY 0 (for VR-605/615) or POWER ON/OFFend ON/ When in STEREO mode, thesound goesdirectlytofrontspeaker. STANDBY 0 (for KRF- V506OD/V406OD/V556OL7) or POWER 0 key.
  • Page 18 Preparing for surround sound For VR-615 lHTB model), do not select “LRG” (large) for surround m Input the distance to the speakers. speaker as this WIII cause the speaker to malfunction. 0 Select the DISTANCE from the set up displays and press the If you have selected other than “LRG”...
  • Page 19: Norma/Playback

    Turning on the receiver VOLUME 0 Turn on the power to the related components. 0 Turn on the power to this receiver by pressing POWER ON/ STANDBY 0 (for VR-605/615) or POWER ON/OFF and ON/ STANDBY 0 (for KRF-V5060DIV4060D/V556OD~ key.
  • Page 20: Surround Modes

    Normal pla yback ‘.,‘ 1,,,, Adjusting the LOUDNESS mode (remote control only) You can adjust the Loudness functron whrch controls the low volume SPEAKERS ON/OFF VOLUME CONTROL settings to marntarn the musrc’s rrchness The adjustment can be made I CINEFA EQ when the receiver is in the PCM stereo and analog stereo mode.
  • Page 21: Recording

    Recordim Q Press and hold the DIMMER key for more than 2 secondsto select the A-REC or M-REC mode. The mode changes every 2 seconds as shown below. 0 Ret mode off The digital input record mode is switched Off. 0 A-REC The digital input...
  • Page 22: Listening To Radio Broadcasts

    Listening to radio broadcasts (For the U.K. and Europe only) The receiver can store up to 40 stations rn the memory and recall them RDS (Radio Oeta Systeml _ L _ *T,cs-“eeN”* I ,,, ,. ~,‘,. by one-touch operatron. Radio stations can be classified Into RDS (Radro Data System) statrons RDS IS a system that transmits useful Information (II- the form of digrtal and other statrons.
  • Page 23: And Europe Only)

    Listeninn to radio broadcasts Presetting Enter the number of the preset station you want to receive The RDS auto memory functron assrgns preset numbers to RDS (up to “40”). Jherefore, be sure to stations starting from preset number “1” execute the RDS auto (memory functron before usrng the followng Press the numeric keys in the following order: operaptions to manually store AM statrons and other FM statrons, and...
  • Page 24 (For the U.K. and Europe only) (For rhe U.K. end Europe only) This function automatrcally stores up to 40 RDS stations rn the preset memory. In order to use the PTY function, the RDS statrons must be stored in the preset memory trsrng the RDS AUTO MEMORY function. MEMORY INPUT SELECTOR BAND -l...
  • Page 25 Listenina to radio broadcasts (For the U.K. and Europe only) Press the PTY key to start searching. Thrs function lets you set the tuner to automatrcally search for statrons which are currently broadcasting the type of pbogram fgenre) you want EXAMPLE: Searching for a Rock Music broadcast.
  • Page 26: Ambience Effects

    Ambience effects This receiver is equipped with listening modes that allow Dolby Digital you to enjoy an enhanced sonic ambience with a variety of video sources. The Dolby Digrtal surround format lets you enjoy up to 5.1 channels In order to obtain the optimum effect from the surround of drgrtal surround sound from Dolby Digital program sources (such modes, make sure to input the proper speaker settings...
  • Page 27 Ambience effects DSP mode DVD B-channel mode (For VU-615/KRF-V5666D only) Usrng a DVD player or the like equrpped wrth six (5.1) output channels The DSP mode lets you add the atmosphere of a live concert or hall to and the recerver. you can enjoy multi-channel encoded DVD source almost any type of program source.
  • Page 28 Ambience effects The DTS compatible models can reproduce a CD, DVD, or LD carrying the When the DOLBY OlGfTAL signal is input: DTS mark. (The DOLBY DIGITAL, PRO LOGIC, or STEREO Indicator lrghts up.) DOLBY DIGITAL can be used when playrng DVD or LD software bearrng the @m mark and DOLBY DIGITAL format digital broadcasts (etc.).
  • Page 29 Ambience effects DIMMER SOUND Usrng a DVD playerorthellkeequlppedwlths~x(5.1)outputchannelsand the recerver, you can enjoy surround sound playback When you try to play a drsc other than Dolby Drgital such as DTS CD, no sound IS produced or, norse may be beard. To avord thus srtuatron, make sure that you connect the component to the receiver’s DVD/GCH INPUT lacks through a surround processor whrch can decode the surround signal you want to lrsten to...
  • Page 30 0 Press the SOUND key repeatedly until “CENTER WIDTH” 0 Use the MULTI CONTROL knob or keys to select the ON or OFF pears on the display. setting. i:, / ‘: g ( -r (-y i\ j mR*L The CENTER WIDTH rndrcatron scrolls across the display : .., :..
  • Page 31: Basicremotecontroloperationsforothercom- Ponents

    Basic remote control oDerations for other comDonents The remote control of this unit can control two groups of KENWOOD DVD players directly without using the remote control supplied with the DVD player. Gioup- I DV-4900, DV-40706. DV-2070. DV-203, DVF-9010, DVF-K7010. DVF-5010, DVF-R9030. DVF-R7030. DVF-3530. DV-402, DV-5900, DV-5700.
  • Page 32: Cassette Deck, Cd Player & Md Recorder

    Basic remote control oaerations for other comoonents CASSETTE deck, CD player & MD recorder operations You can perform these basrc operatrons usrng the keys described below when connected to KENWOOD cassette deck, MD recorder or CD ulaver equipped with system control operatrons.
  • Page 33 In case of difficulty For the U.S.A. and Canada Resetting the Microcomputer Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, then The microcomputer may malfunction (unit cannot be operated, plug it back in while holding down the POWER key. or shows an erroneous display) if the power cord is unplugged while the power is ON, or due to some other external factor.
  • Page 34: Remote Control Unit

    Remote control unit .*ii-‘+-b $&&.‘ The remote control IS set to a different opera- Press the source select keys or DVD POWER I Remote control operation is not possible. tion mode. keys to select the appropriate operation mode Batteries are exhausted Replace with new batteries *The remote control unit IS too far away from *Operate...
  • Page 35 ..550 mV / 1 kD VIDEO inputs I outputs PRE OUT (SUBWOOFER) (VR-605) ....1.5 V / 2.2 kD VIDEO (composite) ..........
  • Page 36 VOLUME at -3OdB level ....... . . +6 dB (at 100 Hz) Notes 1. KENWOOD follows a policy of contrnuous advancements rn development. For thus reason specrficatrons may be changed wrthout notrce 2.
  • Page 37 Temperature - The appliance may not tunction properly Please read all of the safety and operating lnstructlons before used at extremely low, or freezing temperatures The Ideal operating this appliance. Adhere to all warnings on the appliance amblent temperature IS above +5”C (41°F). and in the instruction manual Follow all the safety and operating...
  • Page 38 (EN) 13.Lightning - Fat added protectron for thus applrance durrng a 18.Power lines - An outsrde antenna system should not be irghtnrng storm, or when It is left unattended and unused for located In the vicinity of overhead power lines or other electric long perrods of trme, unplug...
  • Page 39 PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. USE THIS CARD WHEN: Inquiring about warranty service and information Obtaining warranty service For your nearest KENWOOD Authorized Service Center call: IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES I- 800 - 536 - 9663 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAY A WEEK...
  • Page 40 WARRANTY COVERAGE KENWOOD will pay for the labor and parts expenses for items covered under the terms of the limited warranty. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser. A purchase receipt or other proof of date of original purchase will be required before warranty service is rendered.

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