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Kenwood VR-605 Instruction Manual page 27

Audio video surround receiver
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Ambience effects
DSP mode
The DSP mode lets you add the atmosphere of a live concert or hall to
almost any type of program source.
are partrcularly
effective when used wrth stereo program sources, lrke CD, televrsron,
and FM radio You mrght enjoy trying the ARENA, JAZZ CLUB, THE-
ATER, STADIUM or DISCO mode the next time you watch a concert or
sportrng event!
Center speaker
Subwoofer (SW)
Front speaker IL. RI
Surround speaker CL, PI)
What's DSP?
DSP stands for Drgrtal Srgnal Processor
The way a sound IS heard rn an actual envrronment depends on a
varrety of drfferent factors One of the most Important IS reverbera-
tion (the act of decaying elements of sound echoing in varrous
The DSP modes produce the feeling of presence by using the DSP to
create reverberatron, without sporlrng the sound qualrty of the ongtnal
DVD B-channel mode (For VU-615/KRF-V5666D only)
Usrng a DVD player or the like equrpped wrth six (5.1) output channels
and the recerver. you can enjoy multi-channel encoded DVD source
materral rn all its splendor. Since the source signals are drgital and
each channel IS Input independently,
the resulting sound quality,
sense of spaciousness, and dynamic range are superb.
Center speaker
Subwoofer (SW
I /\
Front speaker (L, R)
Surround speaker (L, R)
"LFE = Low Frequency Effects. Thus channel delivers separate non-
drrectronal bass srngnals to the subwoofer for more dynamic deep
bass sound effects.
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