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Kenwood VR-6050 Instruction Manual

Audio video surround receiver
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This instruction
manual is for some models. Model availability
and features
may differ depending
on the country and sales area.
About the supplied remote control
Compared to standard remote controls, the remote control supplled with this receiver has several
operation tmodes These modes enable the remote control to control other audlo/vldeo components. In
order to effectively use the remote control It IS Important to read the operating lnstructlons and obtain a
proper understandlng of the remote control and how to switch Its operation modes (etc.).
Using the remote control without completely understanding Its design and how to swtch the operatton
modes may result in ltxorrect operatjons.
860-5192-00 00 @A (K, P, T, M, Y, X, I) ih-:



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  Summary of Contents for Kenwood VR-6050

  • Page 1: Fm Indoor Antenna

    KENWOOD AUDIO VIDEO SURROUND RECEIVER VR-6050 KRFW706OD KRFW6060D INSTRUCTION MANUAL KENWOOD CORPORATION This instruction manual is for some models. Model availability and features (functions) may differ depending on the country and sales area. About the supplied remote control Compared to standard remote controls, the remote control supplled with this receiver has several operation tmodes These modes enable the remote control to control other audlo/vldeo components.
  • Page 2: Batteries (Rg/Aa)

    Before applying the power /I’m Caution : Read this page carefully to ensure safe operation. Units are designed for operation as follows. *AC voltage selection The AC voltage selector switch on the rear panel is set to the voltage U.S.A. and Canada..
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Special features Names and functions of parts ..,....,.. 6 MaIn Unit Remote control unit (RC-R0725) (KRF-V7060D) and (RC-R0727) (VR-6050/KRF-V6060D). Remote control unrt (RC-R0726) (KRF-V6060D) (For the U.K. onlv) S.&g up the &stem ........, ..,., 9 Connecting audro components Connecting video components.
  • Page 4: How To Use This Manual

    Do not use contact cleaners because It could cause a malfunctron. Be specrally careful not to use contact cleaners contarnrng 011, for they may deform the plastrc component an ENERGY STAR@ Partner, Kenwood Corpora- tron has determrned that this product meets the gurdelrnes for energy effrcrency...
  • Page 5: Special Features

    Before aoolvino the oower SpeciaQ featurm DSP surround modes True home theater sound The DSP (Drgrtal Srgnal Processor) used for thus recerver incorporates Thrs receiver lrvcorporates a wide varrety of surround modes to brrng you a variety of high qualtty adjustable sound fields, llke “ARENA”, “JAZZ ~max~nium wpyment from your video software Select a surround mode...
  • Page 6: Names And Functions Of Parts

    @ TONE key 0 POWER ON/STANDBY ti key Use to select any of the DSP mode Use to switch the stators of TONE control (For VR-6050) 0 STEREO key @I MEMORY key -25-26 Use to turn the power ON/STANDBY Use to swatch the listen mode to STEREO...
  • Page 7: Remote Control Unit (Rc-R0725) (Krf-V7060D) And (Rc-R0727) (Vr-6050/Krf-V6060D)

    Names and functions of parts Remote control unit (RC-RO725) (KRF-V706OD) and (RC-R0727) (VR-605O/KRF-V606OD) This remote control unit can be use not only for Kenwood products but also for other non-Kenwood products by setting the appropnate manufacturer’s setuo codes. PHONO the receiver and on the remote control,...
  • Page 8 Remote control unit (RC40726) (KRF- v606OD) (For the U.K. OIII~) This remote control unit can be used not only for Kenwood products but also for other non-Kenwood products by settrnq the appropriate manufacturer’s setup codes If the name of a function...
  • Page 9: S.&G

    Seffing up fhe sysfem Make connections as shown in the following pages. Input mode settings When connecting the related system components, be sure to refer to the instruction manuals supplied with the compo- CD/DVD, VIDEO 2 and DVD/GCH Inputs each Include jacks for dIgItal nents you are connecting.
  • Page 10: Connecting Audro Components

    Settino UD the svstem Connecting audio components Shaoe of AC outlets U.S.A. and Canada Australia 1 Othercountrles / ,a SYSTEM CONTROL jacks -‘ii- To AC wall outlet _Ll,ZE CD or DVD player [For W-6050 KRF-V6060D (except for the U.K.)] Moving coil (MC) cartridge record player cannot be used directly from the receiver unit.
  • Page 11: Connecting Video Components

    Connecting video components S Video jacks Use the S VIDEO jacks to make connections video components with S VIDEO IN/OUT jacks. . If you use the S VIDEO lackstoconnectyourvldeo playback components, be we to use the S VIDEO lacks when connecting your monitor and video recording components.
  • Page 12: Digital Connections

    - I/ DOLBY DIGITAL RF OUT (AUDIO) To connect an LD player with a DIGITAL RF OUT, connect the LD player to the KENWOOD RF digital demodulator (DEM-9991Dl. Next, connect the DIGITAL OUT jacks of the demodulator to the DIGITAL IN jacks of the receiver.
  • Page 13: Connecting A Dvd Player (S-Channel Input)

    Setting up the system Connecting a DVD player (&channel input) If you have connected a DVD player to the recewer vwth dlgttal connection, be sure to read the “Input mode settmgs” section carefully VIDEO OUT COAXIAL FRONT SURROUND (Yellow RCI DIGITAL OUT OUT LIR OUT UR...
  • Page 14: Connecting The Speakers

    Setting up the system Connecting the speakers Front Speakers A Right Left Powered Center Speaker Surround Speakers (Be sure to connect both surround speakers) Use the FRONT SPEAKERS I3 terminals if you want to connect a second front speaker system. 14EN...
  • Page 15: Connecting The Terminals

    Setting up the system Comecting the tmninals Speaker placement 0 Loosen. 0 Strip coating. Center srxaker 0 Secure. Q Insert. 0 Push the lever. 0 Strip coating. Front speakers Place at the front left and right of the lrstenrng posItIon Front speakers are required for all surround modes. Center speaker Place front and center Thus speaker stabrlrzes the sound Image and helps recreate sound motion Required for surround...
  • Page 16: Connecting To The Av Aux Lacks

    Setting up the system Connecting the antennas Connecting to the AV AUX jacks loop The AV AUX lacks are convenient for connectlon of video components antenna such as a camcorder or a video game The supplied loop antenna IS for use Indoors Place It as far as possible iron? the receIvei, TV set, speaker cords and powel coral, atld adjust the dIrectron fol best receptron AV AUX...
  • Page 17: Connecting The System Control

    2 Do not connect system control cords to any components other than those spectfled by KENWOOD It may cause a malfunction and damage your equipment When pressing more than one remote control key successively, press...
  • Page 18: Preparing For Surround Sound

    Turn on the power to this receiver by pressing the POWER WIII be able to hear sound from the subwoofer ON/STANDBY (?, (for VR-6050) or POWER ON/OFF and ON/ When II- STEREO mode, the soilnd goes directly to front speaker STANDBY o (KRF-V706OD/V606OD) or POWER 0 key.
  • Page 19 Preparing for surround sound If you selected other than “LARGE” as the center speaker Adjust the speaker volume level. setting, From your usual listenrng posrtion, adjust the volume levels. The I SURR ON : Surround soeaker settina mode to the re- volume levels from each speaker should be the same.
  • Page 20 Preparing for surround sound 0 Press the SETUP key again to return to main setup displays. Input level adjustment (analog sources only) *The speakers you have selected should appear on the display Confirm that all the speakers have been correctly selected If the Input level of an analog source slgnal IS too l~~gl?, the CLIP indicator ~111 blink to ir?dlcate the source sIgnal AdjLlst the lnpilt level Select the display mode.
  • Page 21: Normal Playback

    Normal playback Listening to a source component Preparing for playback Some prepaiatoty steps are needed before stamng playback VOLUME CONTROL ON/STANDBY 0 POWER ON/STANDBY (KRF4’7060DN6060D) (VR-6050) INPUT MODE A SPEAKERS 0 AV AUX Input Selector POWER ON/OFF MD/TAPE (KRF-V7060DN6060D) VOLUME +I- Turning on the receiver 0 Turn on the power to the related components.
  • Page 22 Adjusting the sound Muting the sound TONE MULTI CONTROL A SPEAKERS B The MUTE key lets you mute the sound of the speakers Press the MUTE key. \ \I/, Blinks MUiE VOLUME PHONE5 LdUDNESS To cancel CONTROL Press the MUTE key again so that the “MUTE” indicator goes off. MUTE ON can also be deactivated by turning the VOLUME %,a II CONTROL knob or pressfng VOLUME +/- keys...
  • Page 23: Recording

    Recording sources) 0 Press and hold the DIMMER key for more than 2 seconds to select the AUTO REC or MANUAL REC mode. The dIgital Input record mode IS REC MODE off swltched off. The dIgItal Input signals (DTS, Dolby AUTO REC mode DIgItal, or PCM) are ldentlfled auto- tnatlcally and converted Into stereo...
  • Page 24: Listening To Radio Broadcasts

    Listening to radio broadcasts The recewe~~can stove up to 40 stations in the memory and recall them (For the U.K. on/v/ by one-touch operation. Using RDS &adia Data System) Radto stations can be clawfled Into RDS iRadIo Data System) statlons and other statIons.
  • Page 25: Recelvlng Preset Statlons

    Listening to radio broadcasts 144/m H Use the Joystick to adjust the P.CALL direction to Proceed to step El within 5 seconds. select the desired station. (If more than 5 seconds elapse, press the MEMORY key again). . Each time you push the Joystick, another preset station IS received tn order.
  • Page 26: Presetting Rds Stations (Rds Auto Memory)

    Listenino to radio broadcasts (For the U.K. only) Press the PTY key to activate the PTY search mode. Presetting RDS stations (RDS AUTO MEMORY) Light up This functron automatrcally stores up to 40 RDS stations rn the preset memory. In order to use the PTY function, the RDS statrons must be stored rn the preset memory using the RDS AUTO MEMORY functron TUNER MULTI CONTROL...
  • Page 27: Ambience Effects

    Ambience effects This receiver is equipped with listening modes that allow Dolby Digital EX you to enjoy an enhanced sonic ambience with a variety Iolby DIgItal EX is an extension of Dolby Drgrtal technology, Dolby video sources. Iigrtal EXcreatess~xfuIl-bandw~dthoutputchannelsfrom6.1-channel In order to obtain the optimum effect...
  • Page 28 Ambience effects Multi channel surround sound (SRS Circle Surround ll) DSP mode SRS Circle Surround UrM improves on Its predecessor CS-5 lTM The DSP mode lets you add tlhe atmosphere of a I’ve co~lcert or lhall to almost any type of progran? source These modes ale paitlcuiarly resulting in the CS-6 lTM system enabling you to llsten to reallstlc,...
  • Page 29: Surround Play

    Ambience effects Surround play When you select DOLBY DIGITAL The DTS compatrble models can reproduce a CD, DVD, or LD carryrng the “DOLBY DIGITAL” wrll be drsplayed DTS mark DOLBY DIGITAL can be used when playrng DVD or LD software bearrng the 001 mark and DOLBY DIGITAL format drgrtal broadcasts fete ).
  • Page 30: Dvd G-Channel Playback

    Ambience effects Convenient functions DVD 6-channel playback UslngaDVDplayerorthellkeequlppedwlths~x(5,l)outputchannelsand the recerver. you can enloy surround sound playback STEREO DIMMER MULTI CONTROL When you try to play a disc other than Dolby DIgItal such as DTS CD, no sound IS produced or, noise may be heard To avoid this sltuatlon, make sure that you connect the component to the receiver’s DVDIGCH INPUT lacks through a surround processor which can decode the surround slgnal you want to listen to...
  • Page 31 Ambience effects Center Width mode (Pro Logic ll Music mode only) Midnight mode (Dolby Digital mode only) Center wrdth adjustment allows you to enjoy an enchanced sound when When watchrng movies at night , you mrght not be able to rarse the llstenlng to music through center Image from only center speaker, or left volume as loud as normal Mtdnlght mode compresses...
  • Page 32 Ambience effects Subwoofer adjustment CS ll Rear Delay adjustment mode (CS II mode only) It IS easy to adjust the volume of the subwoofer wng the lelnote control CS II Rear Delay adjustment provides a better sound effect from the rear speakers.
  • Page 33: Basic Remote Control Operations For Other

    -%-_36 component to be regrstered REMOTE MODE key to select another component. Example To regrster a DVD made by KENWOOD, you would enter “805” Example REMOTE MODE (DVD) key can be lrnked to the INPUT SELECTOR (VIDEO I) key as described below;...
  • Page 34: Operating Other Components

    El. Note Be sure to point the remote control at the remote sensor on the recelverwhenyou want to operate KENWOOD components connected by system control cords. OtherwIse, point the remote control at the component you want to operate 34 EN...
  • Page 35: (Rc-R0725) (Krf-V7060D)

    Basic remote control overations for other comvonents Setup code chart (RC-RO727) (VR-6050/KRF-V6060D)/(RC-R0725)(KRF-1/70600) TV Setup codes VCR Setuv codes Setw codes [ Maker Setup codes IMaker- AIWA AKAI I - - - - - - - AKAI 354,355, 356 RFI I +Hn\/VFI...
  • Page 36 Basic remote control operations for other components Setup code chart (RC-RO726) (KRF-V606OD) (for the U.K. on/y) TV Setua codes VCR Setup codes riGi& ~~ Setup codes Maker Setup codes FISHER GRUNDIG HITACHI 517, 518 LOEWE 503, 504 MAGNAVOX 501, 515 MITSUBISHI 520, 521, 522, 523 NOKIA...
  • Page 37: Cassette Deck, Cd Player & Md Recorder Operations

    Basic remote control oaerations for other comaonents CASSETTE deck, CD player & MD recorder operations You can perform these basic operations using the keys described below when connected to KENWOOD cassette deck, CD player or MD recorder equipped with system control operations...
  • Page 38: Other Romooi?Ents' Oderations

    Basic remote control operations for other components Other components’ operations Refer to the following for the type of remote control operations wallable for each component When pressing keys in succession, press each key firmly and be sure 0 Select the input source. to wait at least 1 second before pressing the next key Numerc keys functlon the same as the numeric keys on the orlglnal Q Press the keys corresponding...
  • Page 39 Basic remote control operations for other components Cable tuner operation keys DSS/SAT (or CBL/SAT) receiver operation keys SOURCE 0 (Source power) CH+/- CH+/- (Channel + I -) (Channel + i -) ENTER ~ ENTER DVD player operation keys + (Skip up) -(Sklpdown) 3gEN...
  • Page 40 In case of difficultv For the U.S.A. and Canada Resetting the Microcomputer The microcomputer may malfunction (unit cannot be operated, or Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, then plug it shows an erroneous display) if the power cord is unplugged while back in while holding...
  • Page 41: In Case Of Difficulty

    In case of difficulty Remote control unit No setup codes regrstered for the respective Register a setupcodeat the respective Input(s). Certain inputs cannot be selected using the remote control. Input(s) -g-m The remote control IS set to a drfferent opera- Press the source select keys or SOURCE 6 Remote control operation is not possible.
  • Page 42: Specifications

    (1 kHz) ....__..........40 dB 1 kHz, 10 %, 8 R ,,,,.._....,,. 110 W + 110 W Selectivity (+400 kHz) (VR-6050) ,,,.,..,,,,,,..,,..... 70 dB Rated power output during STEREO operation (KRF-V7060DIV6060D) .._....50 dB Frequency response (30 Hz - 15kHz) ,,._...._.
  • Page 43 Weight (Net) ..,,,,.____............. 9.8 kg (21.6 lb) Coaxial..............0.5 Vp-p / 75 L1 1 KENWOOD follows a policy of contrwous advancements I” development For this reason speclflcatlons may be changed wlthout notice. 2 The full pelfotmance ~may not be exhibited in an extremely cold locatlon (under a water-freezing...
  • Page 44 For your records KENWOOD Record the sew3 number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty card, and IIT the space provided below Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever yoke call upon? your dealer for...
  • Page 45 VR-606O/KRF-V806OD VR=605O/KRF- V706OD’KRF- V606OD P-20 EN (for VR-606O/KRF- V806OD) P- 18 EN (for VR-605O/KRF- V706OD/KRF- V606OD) Speaker settings (WRONG) For “FRNT LARGE” selection, no sound will be heard from subwoofer speaker even when it is set to ON. However, if you SPEAKER EQ mode select when subwoofer...
  • Page 46 (EN) Please read all of the safety and operatrng rnstructrons before 6. Temperature - The appliance may not function properly operatrng this applrance. Adhere to all warnings on the appltance used at extremely low, or freezing temperatures The ideal and in the instructron manual.
  • Page 47 (EN) 13.Lightning 18.Power lines - For added protectron for thus applrance during a - An outsrde antenna system should not be lightning storm, or when It IS left unattended and unused for located In the vrcrnrty of overhead power lines or other electric long periods of trme.
  • Page 48 PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. USE THIS CARD WHEN: Inquiring about warranty service and information Obtaining warranty service For your nearest KENWOOD Authorized Service Center call: IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES I- 800 - 536 - 9663 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAY A WEEK...
  • Page 49 WARRANTY COVERAGE KENWOOD will pay for the labor and parts expenses for items covered under the terms of the limited warranty. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser. A purchase receipt or other proof of date of original purchase will be required before warranty service is rendered.

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