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Quick Exit; Chime Feature; Exit And Entry Delay Times - GE Allegro 60-874-95R User Manual

Allegro ge.
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Chime feature can only be
turned on or off when in
Level 1.
2. Press
to increase the arming level each time it is pressed (Level 1 to Level 2, or Level 2 to
Level 3). The Exit Delay time will begin.

Quick Exit

Your system may be set up so that when your system is armed, you're able to press the
button on the touchpad. This starts a 2 minute timer that allows one entry/exit door to be opened
without having to disarm and rearm the system.
This is useful when your system is armed and you want to quickly pop outside to pick up the
newspaper without disarming your system.
To use Quick Exit:
1. When the system is armed to Level 2 or 3, press the
and begins a 2 minute countdown.
QUICK 120,
2. Open door and exit.
3. Come back in within two minutes and close the door. The system will rearm after 2 minutes.

Chime Feature

When this feature is on, opening a door or window will cause the panel to beep twice and display
the sensor's name.
To set chime feature on or off:
Press the chime button to turn the chime feature on or off. When on, the panel will alternate
between displaying the current time and

Exit and Entry Delay Times

After arming your system, you need time to exit the building so you won't set off an alarm. Like-
wise, upon returning to your home or business, you'll need enough time to open the door and get
to a touchpad to disarm the system.
Exit Delay is the period of time you have after arming the system to leave the premises
through a designated delay door.
Entry Delay is the period of time you have to disarm the system after you open a designated
delay door.
Exit Delay Example
You're about to go on an errand. You are inside your house and have just armed the system to
Level 3.
The panel siren sounds three quick status beeps, telling you that the system accepted the com-
mand and has started the Exit Delay time.
During the Exit Delay time, the system sounds one beep every four seconds. Exit the premises
before the delay time expires.
During the last 10 seconds of the Exit Delay you'll hear one beep every second, warning you that
the Exit Delay is about to expire. At this point, leave quickly or disarm. When the delay expires,
there will be three more quick status beeps. These beeps indicate that the Exit Delay has ended.
Opening an armed door or window after the Exit Delay has expired will cause an alarm or start
the entry delay.
Entry Delay Example
You are returning to your house that is armed to Level 2 or 3. When you unlock and enter the des-
ignated delay door, the panel siren sounds one beep every four seconds. This tells you that the
Entry Delay time has begun and reminds you to disarm the system to avoid setting off an alarm.
During the last 10 seconds of Entry Delay you'll hear one beep every second.
Your installer will work with you to decide which door(s) should be delay door(s), and determine
the delay times that will work best for you and your family. Then, the installer will program the
Exit and Entry Delay times into your system. The installer has recorded these times in Table B3:
Entry and Exit Delay Doors, on page 18.
button. The panel displays
Quick Exit
Quick Exit


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