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Leds; Alarms; What Happens In An Alarm Condition; Siren Time-out - GE Allegro 60-874-95R User Manual

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Sensor test beeps are the sounds the system makes during a sensor test to indicate the number
of packets the panel received.


The touchpad has two LEDs which allow you to determine the current system status at a glance.
The red LED is labeled Armed and the green LED is labeled Ready. The tables below explain
LED behavior.
Entry or Exit Delay
Armed to Level 2 - Doors and Windows or Level 3 - Doors, Windows and Motions
Armed to Level 1 - Disarmed
Table 2: Green "Ready" LED Behavior
System OK
System Trouble/Protest (Check system status)

What Happens in an Alarm Condition

When there is an alarm condition, the following happens:
The siren emits emergency tones.
Panel notifies the central station for help.

Siren Time-out

If the system is not disarmed after an alarm, the sirens will continue to sound until the time-out
period is reached. The time-out period can only be programmed by your installer or dealer.
Even though reaching the time-out stops the sirens, the alarm will still be in progress and will
remain so until the system is manually disarmed.

Preventing Accidental Alarms

Your security system is engineered with advanced technology that reduces the chance of an acci-
dental alarm caused by a technical problem.
Most accidental alarms occur when leaving the residence after arming the system, or upon
returning, before disarming the system.
If, for example, you arm the system, then run to another room for something you forgot, the Exit
Delay time may expire. Once the Exit Delay expires, opening an armed door or moving in front
of an armed motion detector will cause an alarm or start the entry delay.

Aborting Accidental Alarms

Your system can be set up with the opportunity to abort an accidental intrusion, Police, or Emer-
gency alarm (fire alarms cannot be aborted).
If the Dialer Delay feature is turned on, you have a programmed amount of time (within 30 sec-
onds of event, or as set by your installer) to stop the panel before it sends a false alarm to the cen-
tral station. Talk to your installer or see "Appendix B: User Reference" on page 18 under "Dialer
Delay" to see if this feature is enabled.
Fire alarms are always reported. If an accidental fire alarm has sounded, follow the procedures of
your central monitoring station to prevent a false dispatch.
Table 1: Red "Armed" LED Behavior
System Status
System Status


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