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Entering Commands; User Interface; Wireless Touchpad; Keychain Touchpad - GE Allegro 60-874-95R User Manual

Allegro ge.
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The Light Buttons do not
work on Allegro Systems.
If an alarm is initiated with
this device, a different
device must be used to dis-
arm the system.

Entering Commands

Most of your commands to the panel consist of this basic pattern:
Not just anyone can walk up to a touchpad and operate your security system. Before the system
will process most commands, users are required to enter a pre-programmed 4-digit access code.
Keychain touchpads do not require an access code and are usually kept in an individual's pocket
or purse.

User Interface

The panel uses a liquid crystal display (LCD) to communicate system status information. The
display uses icons and characters to display messages. If a message is longer than nine charac-
ters, the first nine characters are displayed and the rest of the message scrolls through in a mar-
quee fashion.
In addition to the Allegro panel touchpad, there are two other types of touchpads that can be used
with your panel.

Wireless Touchpad

This touchpad is wireless and can be carried from room to room.

Keychain Touchpad

Keychain touchpads are handy for simple arming and disarming functions. They are
wireless and can be carried off-site in a purse or pocket.
The installer can program the touchpad to send a Police or Emergency panic alarm.
The Keychain Touchpad has not been investigated by UL.
Beeps and LEDs— How Your System Talks to You
The panel siren produces a variety of operating beeps to inform you of different system states and

Key Beeps

A key beep is the tone you hear when you press a button on the panel or handheld wireless touch-
pad. The sound confirms that the button was adequately pressed.

Status Beeps

Status beeps come from the siren on the panel and are sounded when there is a change in the cur-
rent status of the system. Status beeps are not alarms, but they do warrant your attention.
There is more than one type of status beep:
Exit Delay beeps indicate that an arming command has been entered and the countdown to
arming has begun. Exit and close the door behind you before the exit delay expires.
Entry Delay beeps indicate that you've entered the building and the countdown to an alarm
has begun. Disarm the system as soon as you get in.
Chime feature beeps tell you that a door was opened.
Protest beeps inform you that you're trying to arm the system while there is an open door or
Trouble beeps tell you that there is a problem with the system or one of its components.
Pressing the
key will silence the trouble beeps. See "Trouble Beeps and Trouble Mes-
sages" on page 14 for more information.
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