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Primary User Code; User Code; Setting The Time; Adjusting The Panel Beep Volume - GE Allegro 60-874-95R User Manual

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The primary user code can
not be deleted.
The system will not accept
the same code for two differ-
ent user codes.
Table B2: on page 18 provides a location for you to record the actual user names and codes of

Primary User Code

There is one Primary User code which allows you to perform all system operations and user
programming. Only the primary user code can program, change, or delete a regular user code
from the system and directly bypass sensors.
The default Primary User code is
the new code in Table B1 in Appendix B.

User Code

There are three User codes that can arm and disarm the system. If necessary, they can be
assigned to neighbors, baby-sitters, or repair persons for temporary use.
To enter user programming mode:
1. Make sure the system is disarmed. Press
2. Enter the primary user code. The first menu item is displayed (
To change the primary user code:
1. Press
2. Press
to display the current primary user code.
3. Enter the desired primary user code and then press
To program/change user (2-4) code:
1. Press
once and then
2. Press
to display the current user (2-4) code (if any).
3. Enter the desired user code and then press
To delete a user code:
1. Press
once and then
2. Press
twice to erase the user code.

Setting the Time

Although the installer usually sets the time, the user can change or reset it when necessary. The
panel uses a 12-hour clock.
To set the time:
1. Press
, and then
to display the time.
2. Enter the current time and press
3. With the desired time displayed, press

Adjusting the Panel Beep Volume

This setting allows the user to adjust the panel's status, auxiliary alarm, and arming level beep
volume. The volume can be set from 0 to 5, with 0 being the lowest volume (all alarms sound at
the loudest level).
To set the volume:
1. Press
twice and then
2. Enter desired volume level and press


This setting allows the user to display the version of panel software and hardware or DTIM software
and hardware that is currently installed.
. It is important that you change this default and log
. The panel will display
until the desired user code is reached.
until you reach the desired code you want to delete.
to select am or pm.
to accept.
to display the volume.


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