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NEC PlasmaSync 42VP4 (42Wide VGA) User Manual page 4

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When you connect a computer to this monitor, use an RGB
cable including the ferrite core on both ends of the cable.
And regarding DVI and power cable, attach the supplied
ferrite cores. If you do not do this, this monitor will not
conform to mandatory FCC standards.
Set the ferrite cores on both ends of the DVI cable (not
supplied), and both ends of the power cable (supplied).
Close the lid tightly until the clamps click.
Use the band to fasten the ferrite core (supplied) to the
DVI cable.
DVI cable (not supplied)
core (small)
Power cable (supplied)
core (large)
To avoid damage and prolong operating life:
1. Use only with 100-240V 50/60Hz AC power supply.
Continued operation at line voltages greater than 100-
240 Volts AC will shorten the life of the unit, and might
even cause a fire hazard.
2. Handle the unit carefully when installing it and do not
3. Set the unit away from heat, excessive dust, and direct
4. Protect the inside of the unit from liquids and small
metal objects. In case of accident, unplug the power
cord and have it serviced by an authorized Service
5. Do not hit or scratch the panel surface as this causes
flaws on the surface of the screen.
6. For correct installation and mounting it is strongly
recommended to use a trained, authorized dealer.
7. As is the case with any phosphor-based display (like a
CRT monitor, for example) light output will gradually
decrease over the life of a Plasma Display Panel.
8. To avoid sulfurization it is strongly recommended not to
place the unit in a dressing room in a public bath or hot
spring bath.
Plasma monitor cleaning procedure:
1. Use a soft dry cloth to clean the front panel and bezel
area. Never use solvents such as alcohol or thinner to
clean these surfaces.
2. Clean plasma ventilation areas with a vacuum cleaner
with a soft brush nozzle attachment.
3. To ensure proper ventilation, cleaning of the ventilation
areas must be carried out monthly. More frequent cleaning
may be necessary depending on the environment in which
the plasma monitor is installed.
Recommendations to avoid or minimize phosphor burn-in:
Like all phosphor-based display devices and all other gas
plasma displays, plasma monitors can be susceptible to
phosphor burn under certain circumstances. Certain
operating conditions, such as the continuous display of a
static image over a prolonged period of time, can result in
phosphor burn if proper precautions are not taken. To protect
your investment in this plasma monitor, please adhere to the
following guidelines and recommendations for minimizing
the occurrence of image burn:
* Always enable and use your computer's screen saver
* Display a moving image whenever possible.
* Change the position of the menu display from time to time.
* Always power down the monitor when you are finished
core (small)
If the plasma monitor is in long term use or continuous
operation take the following measures to reduce the
core (large)
likelihood of phosphor burn:
* Lower the Brightness and Contrast levels as much as
* Display an image with many colors and color gradations
* Create image content with minimal contrast between light
* Avoid displaying images with few colors and distinct,
* Note: Burn-in is not covered by the warranty.
Contact your dealer for other recommended procedures that
will best suit your particular application needs.
function during use with a computer input source.
using it.
possible without impairing image readability.
(i.e. photographic or photo-realistic images).
and dark areas, for example white characters on black
backgrounds. Use complementary or pastel color whenever
sharply defined borders between colors.



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