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Using The Wired Remote Control Mode; Operating Range; Handling The Remote Control - NEC PlasmaSync 42VP4 (42Wide VGA) User Manual

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Using the wired remote control mode

Connect the remote cable* to the remote control's remote
jack and the "REMOTE IN" terminal on the monitor.
When the cable is connected, the mode automatically
switches to wired remote control. When the wired remote
control mode is used, the remote control can be operated
even if no batteries are loaded.
* The 1/8 Stereo Mini cable must be purchased separately.
Remote Control
To Remote Jack

Operating Range

* Use the remote control within a distance of about 7 m/
23ft. from the front of the monitor's remote control sensor
and at horizontal and vertical angles of up to approximately
* The remote control operation may not function if the
monitor's remote control sensor is exposed to direct
sunlight or strong artificial light, or if there is an obstacle
between the sensor and the remote control.

Handling the remote control

• Do not drop or mishandle the remote control.
• Do not get the remote control wet. If the remote control
gets wet, wipe it dry immediately.
• Avoid heat and humidity.
• When not using the remote control for a long period,
remove the batteries.
• Do not use new and old batteries together, or use different
types together.
• Do not take apart the batteries, heat them, or throw them
into a fire.
• When using the remote control in the wireless condition,
be sure to unplug the remote cable from the REMOTE
IN terminal on the monitor.



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