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Introduction; Introduction To The Plasma Monitor; The Features You'll Enjoy Include; Contents Of The Package - NEC PlasmaSync 42VP4 (42Wide VGA) User Manual

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Introduction to the Plasma Monitor

This plasma monitor is a seamless blend of cutting-edge
visual technology and sophisticated design. At 42/50
inches, with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the PlasmaSync™
certainly makes a big impression. However, at a mere 89
mm/96 mm thin, the monitor's sleek techno-art lines blend
in well with your environment. Plasma monitor's crisp,
vivid image quality will transform data from any graphic
medium from PCs to DVD players- into art. We have made
sure that a host of multimedia resources can be easily
connected and displayed as brilliantly as intended on the
plasma monitor.

The features you'll enjoy include:

• 42/50 inch screen
• 16:9 aspect ratio
• Capsulated Color Filter (CCF) and black matrix
• The enhanced display in red uses a two-stage filtering
system where Accucrimson is combined with our special
• 42VP4/42XM2/50XM3: Installed AR (Anti-Reflection)
42VP4D: Installed AG (Anti-Glare) Filter
• 42VP4: Body color is 2 types, black or silver.
• 42VP4, 42VP4D, 42XM2: 89 mm / 3.5 inch thin
50XM3: 96 mm / 3.8 inch thin
• 42VP4, 42VP4D: 28.5 kg / 62.8 lbs light
42XM2: 29.0 kg / 63,9 lbs light
50XM3: 44.5 kg / 98.0 lbs light
• 42VP4, 42VP4D: 853 480 pixels,
42XM2: 1024 768 pixels
50XM3: 1365 768 pixels
• Flicker - and warp - free display provides excellent
image geometry even in screen corners
• Not affected by magnetic fields, no color drift or edge
• VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA computer signal
• NTSC, PAL, SECAM, composite and S-Video signal
• 480P, 1080I, 720P and HDTV signal compatibility
• PCs, VCRs, Laser Disc and DVD player source
• AccuBlend scan conversion automatically converts
VGA*, SVGA, XGA**, SXGA and UXGA signals to
the panel's native resolution (*; except for 42VP4/
42VP4D, **; except for 42XM2)
• Advanced Mass Area Sampling Progressive Scan
method is employed.
• RGB (3*), Video (3), DVD/HD (2*), Audio input (3),
External Control input (1)
• AccuColor control system provides user selectable on-
screen color temperature settings
• New Drive Technology
• Component video input terminal for DVD, 15.75kHz
(Y, C
, C
• Digital broadcasting source compatibility
• OSM menu-driven on screen control system that makes
image adjustments a snap
• Seven languages (English, German, French, Italian,
Spanish, Swedish, and Chinese)
* You can set the 5BNC input to be used as an RGB or
component input. When the 5BNC input is set for RGB,
there are a total of three RGB inputs; when the 5BNC input
is set for component there are a total of two DVD/HD inputs
(see page E-25).

Contents of the Package

Plasma monitor
Power cord
Remote control with two AAA Batteries
User's manual
Safety metal fittings*
Screws for safety metal fittings*
Ferrite core (small 2, large 2), bands
Cable clamps
* These are fittings for fastening the unit to a wall to prevent
tipping due to external shock when using the stand
(optional). Fasten the safety fittings to the holes in the back
of the monitor using the safety fitting mount screws.


• Wall mount unit
• Ceiling mount unit
• Tilt mount unit
• Stand
• Attachable speakers


Table of Contents

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