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I don't see the current
humidity indication
There are some
white deposits on the
humidification filter.
The air quality indicator
does not change
colour even though
the appliance has been
operating for some
The appliance still
shows that I have to
replace a filter even
though I have already
done this..
I do not see water
vapour coming out
of the appliance. Is it
I want to check whether
the air humidity
sensor works or not.
The appliance produces
a strange smell.
Possible solution
The front panel is not closed properly. To reattach the front panel, insert the
two hooks at the bottom of the front panel into the openings at the bottom
of the appliance first. Then push the panel against the body of the appliance.
You forgot to put the humidification filter in the water tank. Make sure
the humidification filter is in the water tank.
The humidification filter is too dirty to function properly. Rinse and/or descale
the humidifiation filter (see chapter 'Cleaning and maintenance', section
'Cleaning the humidifcation filter').
You forgot to activate the humidification function. Press the SELECT button
until both the PURIFIER and HUMIDIFIER lights are on.
The room in which you are using the appliance is bigger than 40 square
metres. The appliance works optimally in a room with a maximum size of 40
square metres.
The white deposits are called scale and they consist of minerals from the
water. Scale on the humidification filter affects the humidifying performance.
Therefore you have to descale the humidification filter when the first speed
light (with the indication CLEAN 1/5 above it) flashes. Follow the instructions
in chapter 'Cleaning and maintenance', section 'Descaling to clean the
humidification filter'.
The air quality sensor is dirty. Clean the air quality sensor.
You have not reset the appliance after replacing the filter. Close the front
panel properly. Plug in the appliance and switch it on. Then press and hold
the SPEED button for 3 seconds. You hear a ding-ding sound if you have
successfully reset the appliance.
When water vapour is very fine, it is invisible. This appliance has a specially
designed humidifcation filter that produces very fine water vapour. Therefore
you cannot see the water vapour.
Remove the cover of the air quality/humidity sensors and then gently
blow moist air into the opening. After a while, the CURRENT HUMIDITY
indication changes. Note that if the initial CURRENT HUMIDITY indication is
already 60%, the indication cannot show an even higher humidity when you
blow moist air towards the sensor.
The first few times you use the appliance, it may produce a plastic smell.
This is normal. Howeve, if the appliance produces a burnt smell, contact your
Philips dealer or an authorised Philips service centre. The appliance may also
produce an unpleasant smell when one of the filters is dirty. In this case, clean
or replace the filter concerned.


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