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The light of the air
quality indicator disturbs
my sleep.
The water bucket leaks.
The water level in the
water bucket drops
very quickly after I
empty the water tank.
The appliance does not
work even though it is
switched on.
The appliance does not
The battery of the remote control contains substances that may
pollute the environment. Do not throw away batteries with the normal
household waste, but dispose of them at an official collection point for
batteries. Always remove the battery of the remote control before you
discard and hand in the appliance at an official collection point.
guarantee and service
If you need information or if you have a problem, please visit the Philips
website at or contact the Philips Consumer Care Centre
in your country (you find its phone number in the worldwide guarantee
leaflet). If there is no Consumer Care Centre in your country, go to your
local Philips dealer.
This chapter summarises the most common problems you could
encounter with the appliance. If you are unable to solve the problem with
the information below, contact the Consumer Care Centre in your country.
Possible solution
Set the appliance to AUTO mode. When the room is dark, the appliance
automatically switches from AUTO mode to night mode. In night mode, the
air quality light is out. The appliance also operates quietly to allow you to
sleep undisturbedly.
It is normal that the bottom of the water bucket is slightly wet when you
remove it from the appliance, because the water bucket is in contact with the
water tank. However, if water drops keep dripping from the bottom of the
water bucket, check if the top cap and the bottom cap have been screwed
onto the water bucket tightly. If the problem persists, contact the Consumer
Care Centre in your country.
This is normal. The water in the water bucket is used to fill the water tank
and the humidification filter also absorbs some of the water.
The water tank is not placed properly. In this case the appliance does not
work and the CURRENT HUMIDITY lights flash. Switch off the appliance.
Remove the water bucket and then remove and reinsert the water
tank. Then switch on the appliance and try again.
You ignored the filter replacement indications. You did not replace a filter
when the corresponding filter replacement light flashed and did not respond
when the appliance beeped every 30 minutes to remind you to replace a
filter. As a result, the appliance is now locked and you have to replace the
filter and reset the appliance (see chapter 'Filter replacement and reset
procedure') so that the appliance can provide healthy air again.


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